Man Wins $350K for a Month in Rikers Men’s Section


A man claiming to be a Muslim woman was sentenced to 312 days in jail for violent crimes that he was later convicted of committing. He has a significant rap sheet. His crimes include stalking, domestic violence, making false statements, and other alarming crimes. And even though he committed these acts, including violence against women, he turned himself into a victim. He was awarded $350,000 for being put in a men’s prison.

Miles claimed to be a Muslim woman when he is clearly an Anglo male. He’s exploiting the abject insanity of New York ideological judges and juries.

Dylan ‘Ali’ Miles
According to Reduxx:

The City of New York has agreed to pay out a $350,000 settlement to a man who identifies as a Muslim woman for keeping him in the men’s section of Rikers Island while he was awaiting trial on domestic violence charges. Ali Miles, formerly known as Dylan Miles, had initially demanded over $22,000,000 in compensation.

He was sent to Arizona after his brief stay in the Rikers men’s section and found guilty of several crimes. However, he claimed multiple male prisoners “sexually victimized” him, and a male guard told him he had “nice tits,” etc. Miles never had genital surgeries.

It’s a fraud perpetrated on a corrupt New York judicial system. He’s even appropriating a Muslim culture.

Dylan, aka Ali Miles, also sued a Yoga studio for $5 million for discrimination in May of 2023. He has a good thing going.

“We have other transgender people [at Chelsea Hot Yoga], we have several trans women and several trans men, and there’s never been a problem. … it’s this individual,” the witness told The Post.

“This person who claims to be a transitioning woman came into the female locker room, number one, in male shorts that were down to his knees. Although there could be some hormonal addition because his bust is bigger than mine, he did not wear any feminine top to cover his bust,” the witness noted. “He also de-robed, and he is a full male. There’s 150% man. There were things hanging out.”

“It wasn’t even like he was just standing there,” the witness added. “He was crouched down on the floor in front of the shower stalls. It was very uncomfortable for one of the women that was in there, and she was completely naked.

According to GB News, he also sued a tourism company, Planet Fitness, Bagel Point, and New York Presbyterian Hospital. All the other suits were dismissed, but he hit paydirt with this last case in Looney New York City.

If anyone gets in trouble, this is the path to wealth. New York City is overwhelmed with madness. It must be contagious because it’s everywhere.

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