CCP Expert Explains How We Could Lose Our Country


Joe Biden’s foreign policy is without definition. It certainly isn’t pro-American. With an absurd amount of debt, we have politicians calling for us to go into Ukraine and take on Russia as they amass on the borders. Meanwhile, our own borders are invaded 24/7.

A better idea is to get rid of Joe and put in someone who sounds reasonably intelligent. And whatever happened to sanctions? The weakness of our administration leaves us very vulnerable.

At the same time, this administration ignores the much larger threat to the USA – the Chinese Communists. If they become number one in the world, they will rule as totalitarians.

Newsmax’s Rob Schmidt talked with Gordon Chang, an expert on the CCP, about the administration stupidly claiming climate change is as serious as the threat China presents.

The CCP is behind the spread of COV, behind the fentanyl crisis in the US, and more. Mr. Chang said the guys at the top are not telling the truth.

Mr. Chang said we are at real risk of losing the Republic. The reason is clear. It is because we have a political class that will not defend this country.


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