CCP-Related NRDC Influences China Joe Biden’s Green Policies


Fox News reports that the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a major U.S. green group influencing Biden administration policymaking, has deep ties to the Chinese government.

His green agenda is a product of Chinese Communists.

The non-profit, based in New York City, is worth $450 million. It worked on climate issues extensively in China since the mid-1990s.  Its top officials have worked for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or government-sponsored institutions.

They also work closely with Joe Biden. Climate czar, Gina McCarthy, was the NRCD’s former president.

 The current president, Manish Bapna, has attended at least two White House meetings, visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital show.

The NRDC regularly communicates policy issues with Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry’s office.

On its website, the NRDC highlights its collaboration with a “wide range of Chinese and international partners” to boost green policies and “fortify” environmental regulations in the country.

They rarely criticize the CCP that builds a coal plant a week. They aren’t doing anything about climate change except polluting. And, they have a vested interest in facilitating the US to destroy its economy.

The Biden family are traitors who are bought and paid for — the CCP knows and exploits the opportunity.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

“What fools these mortals be.”
Biden voters were not the target of Shakespeare, but it sure fits them.

1 year ago

The only news here is that Fox News thinks this is ground breaking news.