CDC Director Explains How She Made Decisions During Covid


This falls under the Clown World category, but it’s too serious to joke about it. This is how Mandy Cohen made decisions during COVID, and these are decisions that ruined a lot of lives. It’s nice how the new CDC director Mandy Cohen can make decisions about it like any 12-year-old might.

Decisions should have been made based on science.

“So, I would call..probably, the person I called the most was the Secretary of Health and Human Services in Massachusetts. She worked for a Republican governor, just to, but you know what, when she was like, are you a going to let them have professional football? And I was like Nope, and she’s like OK, neither are we, neither are we. Um, so you know it was like, conversations like that, so, or I’d be like, so, when are you gonna think about lightening up on that?  They’re like next Monday. I’m like, OK, next Monday.”


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