CDC doc says “We’ll just get rid of all the whites in the United States”


The CDC is now politicized and weaponized according to one doctor who appeared on The Ingraham Angle last night and judging from the guidance they put out on the virus, it does seem accurate.

Dr. Carol Baker, who was appointed Chair of the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in 2009, is a Gates-backed and prominent scientist in immunization and education.

She sat on a panel of experts sponsored by the National Meningitis Association in New York City on May 9, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia.

During the panel discussion, the hard left doctor took the opportunity to say it would be a good idea to “get rid of all the whites.”

The famed doctor, speaking about vaccinations, told the audience, “So I have the solution. Every study published in the last five years, when you look at vaccine refusers. I’m not talking about…hesitance, most of them we can talk into coming to terms. But refusers. We’ll just get rid of all the whites in the United States…Guess who wants to get vaccinated the most? Immigrants.”

These Stalinists sure are lovely people.

The audience received it without questioning the doctor and a couple chuckled:

via National File



  1. I saw this report several days ago on National File, and it’s making the rounds. I’m wondering which “whites” would she get rid of….would the master God Bill Gates be one of them? Guess not since he is the ringleader in wanting to lower world (USA) population;) Guess that will be through the vaccine that he is diligently working on with China. And then he can live in fabulous bunker.

  2. Kind of racist, isn’t she, insinuating only non-White minorities emigrate into the US. However, it sure seems that way and few of them want to assimilate into our system preferring instead want to keep their failed 3rd world cultures and demand we adapt to their lunacy.

  3. And these dregs have the audacity to call Trump and his deplorables Nazis. Whoever said it previously is right on, if we keep putting progressive liberal socialist communist Maoist democrats in office, this is what we’ll get. WTF up America the time is near. Web may have to form ranks.

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