CDC shows us our new normal in their ideal dystopia


The coronavirus has been great for Democrats as it takes away President Trump’s signature achievement — a booming economy. The rising wages and remarkable stock market have disappeared, at least for now.

Americans are frightened and petty tyrants are wielding their power over them in damaging ways, especially if they’re religious.

The President can’t hold his rallies which keep his base revved up. The former president and other

Democrats are out using the virus and the economy to claim President Trump is responsible for it all.

Joe Biden hangs out in his basement, his senility hidden from the world.

Even though the Russia hoax is exposed, media does its best to lie about it, confusing the populace. They minimize the effects of the bombshell information about General Flynn and the Russia probe.

In this mess, is the Centers for Disease Control, which was not prepared for the pandemic and which is a nest of left-wing people.

Little girl at the beach wears a gas mask in juxtaposition with her environment and the situation. Climate change, contagion, pandemic and dystopian themes with childhood. Maybe a dark future or commentary on the state of the environment and vivid-19 or other contagious threats

The failing social distancing concept was their brainchild. They forced it through with inaccurate and incomplete information. It was an experiment and now they don’t want it to end.

They leaked a document outlining their absurd, frightening plan for reopening which no one at the White House requested.

They leaked it to the Associated Press last Thursday and some anonymous government official, who is not authorized to speak, said it contained guidance to address reopening schools, restaurants, summer camps, churches, and all other institutions and businesses.


The guidance is a mass of expensive, draconian, unconstitutional recommendations. After the CDC sneaked it into the media, they claimed the President hid it. We don’t know if he did or not but it needs to be buried ASAP.

Fortunately, it’s been deep-sixed by the President. It was a political stunt. The CDC even insisted on mail-in ballots. Better to steal the next election, my dear. What does the CDC have to do with the November election — nothing.

There is no evidence social distancing works or works well. For instance, 66% of new hospital admissions of COVID patients are stay-at-homes.

The CDC decided our new normal will be a fearful life.

No more field trips, class parties, and extracurricular activities, close cafeterias, and keep everyone six feet apart, they insist.

“If a cafeteria is or group dining room is typically used, serve meals in classrooms instead. Consider keeping classes together to include the same group of children each day.”

No more joining hands in prayer or shaking hands in church. Definitely no hugging.

“Consider whether other gatherings may have to have attendance limited or be held virtually if social distancing is difficult, such as funerals, weddings, religious education classes, youth events, support groups, and other programming.”

No more choirs, musical groups, and clergy must conduct ‘virtual” visits for the last rites.

Bars and restaurants would basically never reopen and restaurants would look like takeout lines in the new normal.

“Consider reducing occupancy and limiting the size of parties dining in together . . . all tables and bar stools six feet apart.” (Aside from being cruel, these bureaucrats apparently have no friends, either.)


The new normal will be a dystopian world without fun. The far-left just loves to look for ways to take the fun out of life.

After screwing up the planning in the beginning, the CDC hopes to screw up the rest of our lives, making us into neurotic compulsives who are fearful of everything we do. They want to make us responsible for anyone who catches anything from us.

They also want President Trump to look bad. As for the AP, they’ve been compromised for quite some time.  As for freedom as they follow us around with software and contact tracing — forget it — that’s gone.

This is what the left wants for you!

Read the horrible thing yourself:

CDC reopen plan by Johannah Winter on Scribd

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