CDC Vax Count Is Off by Millions & They Haven’t a Clue What It Is


The CDC, which is running our nation into the ground, miscounted the number of Americans who are vaccinated. They are off by millions, Bloomberg reports.

The U.S. government has over-counted the number of Americans who are at least partly vaccinated against the coronavirus, state officials warn, meaning millions more people are unprotected as the pandemic’s winter surge gathers steam.

The U.S. has counted too many shots as first doses when they are instead second doses or booster shots.

So they are off by 11-percentage points.

CDC data show 240 million people with at least one shot or about 72.5% of the population. But the agency says only 203 million are fully vaccinated, or 61.3%, an 11-percentage-point difference that is far larger than in other developed countries.

State and local officials say it’s improbable that 37 million Americans got one shot without completing their inoculations. Instead, they say, the government has regularly and incorrectly counted booster shots and second doses as first doses, a dynamic the CDC acknowledged in a statement.

That means both the fully vaccinated and completely unvaccinated are officially undercounted.

Unfortunately, they haven’t a clue what the numbers are. Several states are recounting and a number refused so we won’t know the correct count.

The precise number miscounted is unknown.

The White House referred questions about the over-count of first shots to the CDC. In a statement, the agency acknowledged the ongoing data review. “Given the complex nature of vaccine administration and data reporting in the United States, CDC has been actively working with partners at state and local levels to enhance the quality of vaccine data,” the agency said.

Have no faith in the CDC numbers. Don’t use them.

“We don’t have any faith in the numbers on the CDC website, and we never refer to them,” James Garrow, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, said.

So, why is the CDC telling us anything, and why are we listening? This is incompetence and it’s costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. They are too busy making WOKE videos to study pandemics and cures except for those that Pfizer supplies.




  1. When will people tune out and ignore the wolf cryers?
    Hopefully before the full NSDAP/CHEKA dystopia.

  2. This CDC lady with huge pharma connections has the role of a crisis actor.

    This was all a lie from day one. So many who thought I was crazy on day one now agree.

    Since it is all based on lies, and we have seen fake numbers for 2 years, no number can be taken seriously. There are exceptions of course, for example, when Israeli studies show a high fraction of the hospitalized are pre-jabbed, that is credible, because Israel is an incredible pro-jab country.

  3. There are several inaccuracies in this article. The first is calling the shots “vaccines” which they most definitely are not. The second is pretending that anyone can ever be “fully vaccinated”. The definition of what that is changes almost daily and will, with absolute certainty, be increased regularly. The fact that the CDC couldn’t find it’s rear end with both hands is correct, unfortunately.

  4. The CDC can’t count shots or real cases of Covid. There’s too much money involved in lying about the numbers. This is why Big Government is dangerous. The Government’s Virus Hoax overstated the danger. Big Pharma wants their payoff for backing Democrats and RINOs. President Trump was working to reduce the size of Government, but that would kick over too many special interest rice bowls. The actual death rate due to Covid-19 has been 0.125% even with the CDC inflated numbers. Many real estimates say it’s more like 0.006% directly attributed to SARS-Cov-2. Covid has never been a “pandemic” by historical standards; it was a bad flu.

    Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers destroyed the economy using a Hoax to Steal the 2020 Election from President Trump because he was working to Limit the Power and Control of the Out of Control Bureaucracy. The most hysterical thing is that they are double, tripling, and quadrupling down on the Hoax. The Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers are now going after our children who from what information I can find are basically in more danger from the shot than the virus. The problem is that Big Tech classified Government Reports for other Countries as Propaganda. Sorry but I don’t trust the US Government anymore along with Liberal Media and High Tech. All Three have told so many lies they can’t keep them straight anymore.

    The CDC and FDA keep changing definitions to keep the Hoax alive, but Mother Nature has thrown them a curve ball – Omicron. Omicron is highly contagious and relatively mild; think seasonal Flu. By March, pretty much everyone who hasn’t gotten Covid will get it by March and the Nation will have reached Herd Immunity. The Hoax will be buried by April – Worldwide. So, there won’t be any need for mail-in voting or drop boxes for the November 2022 Elections. Everyone will need to vote in person after showing State Government approved ID.

  5. I posit another theory. I had my first shot 6 months after I had COVID, ended up in the ER with a TIA (reported as a “panic attack” – yes, I panicked because I was having a stroke). So doctor said no more vax.

    How many of the 37 Million might have NOT had a second shot because of a reaction to the first?

    No one knows wtf is going on. Except I will say that the whole COVID thing is a scam. A lot of us can agree on that going on.

  6. The CDC is a joke. They don’t have statistics on Natural immunity. Like 130 million Americans don’t exist. Asked if they had anything on this they said no. They don’t have ANY data on whether or not if you had covid, you can get again. Nothing. Multiple studies overseas said you have 6.6X better immunity than treatment they are pushing, but they ignore that data.

  7. The gommer-mint miscounted? Oh mercy! Say it isn’t so! How could that possibly be! With very very few exceptions, what hasn’t the Gommers screwed up in the last 150 years. With a few instances during WWII, the last thing they got right was buying Alaska from Russia. Prior to that it’s all the way back to the Louisiana Purchase. The Declaration and Constitution (the one we are supposed to be using now) doesn’t count cause it was written by the Representatives of the people to keep the Gommers in check.

  8. IF the CDC – FDA – Big Pharma and the damned GOVERNMENT want people to start having any confidence in them at all – they need to STOP LYING!!

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