Shameless Biden Admin Brags About All of Biden’s “Successes”


The Soviet Biden propaganda machine is in full swing. If you want to know what the old Soviet Union was like, just check out the Biden propaganda. Dear Leader is claiming what is essentially the opposite of the truth.

More people died of COVID-19 under the Biden administration than during Donald Trump’s last year, according to The Wall Street Journal. Biden said Donald Trump should resign after killing all those people so he should definitely resign, shouldn’t he?

The administration sent out a propaganda pamphlet to the media bragging about the president’s “successes” in his first year in office. They are counting on the media to cover for them and spread this great news, although it’s pure fiction.

Biden and his progressive policies are literally destroying the United States.

The memo begins, “Happy Saturday! Wanted to share a memo that you can source ‘as obtained’ by your media outlet,” the email from White House assistant press secretary Vedant Patel read.

Reporter Drew Holden called it a “war on reality” and “end-of-year desperation they’re hoping the press will buy.”

Patel told them they can claim they “obtained” the memo using their elite journalism skills. Do you believe this? Shameless and idiotic.

The memo, according to Patel, “lays out how event [sic] in spite of unprecedented crises and opposition from Congressional Republicans, President Biden and Congressional Democrats got an enormous amount done for the American people in 2021.”

First up were vaccines: “Without mentioning that the Admin inherited three vaccines from their predecessor, Biden claims credit for a 70% jump in vaccination rate year-over-year,” Holden tweeted.

The memo boasts of their horrendous handling of the school closings upon orders of teacher unions and job creation he didn’t create.

We know he’s doing a terrible job. Next, they’ll put something in the water to make us submissive. Maybe Bill Gates is working on that as we speak.

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1 year ago

The only success Traitor Joe has had is in making America Weak and destroying the Lives of Millions of Americans.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

The Main sewer Stream fake Media have been complicit in every criminal action undertaken by the ‘establishment’ before and after DJ Trump…They abandoned the journalistic principles of the Fourth Estate over forty years ago in favour of a propagandist alignment with the Fifth Columnists….

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Product Image
1 year ago

They have to send out a talking points memo?
The weak sauce is strong with Brandon’s puppet masters.
When you have several plus presidents that means there are none.
A rudderless adrift society with monstrous icebergs up ahead and no one at the helm.