CEO tells 10 million customers they must vote Biden to avoid Civil War


David Barrett, the CEO of Expensify, sent an email Thursday to ten million customers. He urged them to vote for Democrat presidential nominee [Slow] Joe Biden or risk the possibility of a civil war.

There will be riots. Antifa and BLM have already planned them, and they are encouraged by Democrats.

David Barrett is afraid that President Trump is unraveling democracy before his eyes. What is wrong with this man? It’s the opposite of reality.

Barrett spoke to Protocol Thursday night to explain how he made the unusual decision, just 12 days before the election, to email the users of his expense tracking software to tell them that “anything less than a vote for Biden is a vote against democracy.”

“I think that it’s easy to justify standing aside,” he told Protocol. “But I believe standing aside and doing nothing is an endorsement of the status quo. It’s not choosing not to participate, it is taking a stand in defense of the status quo. And so internally, we said, ‘Hey, it would be easy to do nothing. Nobody would criticize us if we did nothing. But doing nothing doesn’t actually accomplish anything.’”

Barrett’s email claimed a vote for Trump to an endorsement for voter suppression and the dismantling of democracy.

“Expensify depends on a functioning society and economy; not many expense reports get filed during a civil war,” he wrote. “As CEO of this business, it’s my job to plot a course through any storm — and all evidence suggests that another four (or as Trump has hinted — eight, or more?) years of Trump leadership will damage our democracy to such an extent, I’m obligated on behalf of shareholders to take any action I can to avoid it.”

Barrett’s inclusive [of the left]:

“This wasn’t just me firing off an email out of the blue,” he said. “This was the result of an inclusive process that really engaged the whole company across a wide range of opinions. And this is a genuine effort just to make the world a better place using the tools at our disposal.”


The truth is that if Biden wins, there could be a civil war when Democrats stack the court and take away our free speech, our guns, and everything else they want to control.

It will be awful.

Democrats are planning a wealth tax. That means they appraise every possession, everything the rich make, including their homes, art work, and so on. The rich and corporations will leave or stop hiring. As O’Reilly says in the clip, we will go into recession.

We owe $30 trillion and he’s promising everything for free.

Watch O’Reilly:

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