Jake Tapper struggles for words after Trump’s winning debate last night


President Trump stayed on message last night and won the debate handily unless you talk to an activist like Jake Tapper.

Basement Joe looked old, tired, without original thought. Could anyone see him going up against Putin or Xi?

Towards the end, Welker said she had a lot more questions and then Joe looked at his watch. It was as if it was a cue that he couldn’t stand up much longer. She immediately said, just one more final question.

Biden bumbled his way through the debate with platitudes but managed to only slur here and there.

The left wants to believe Biden won but that would be a stretch into the Twilight Zone.

Tapper was beside himself. He had to resort to bashing QAnon and bringing up the overplayed pizza-gate nonsense. QAnon isn’t a group with even one member, yet he won’t let it go. As for the sleazy campaign, all of the hate comes from the left. They own Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two violent communist movements/groups.

Despicable fake newsman Tapper was struggling after Trump’s winning performance.


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