Startling Admissions from Chaffetz: Deep State in Charge


Congressman Jason Chaffetz sat down for an interview with Sharyl Attkisson, making some starting admissions. His admissions are the first time confirmation of the power of the Deep State.

After 8 1/2 years, Jason Chaffetz is leaving Congress for reasons of family but also for another stunning reason — the system seems unfixable. The Deep State runs the country and no one will take it on. Nothing has changed under Trump. Nothing has changed under Sessions. The State Department is the same. Congress is the same.

Congress expected Trump to clean house and it hasn’t happened.

What he is talking about is that part of the Deep State he had to deal with, the powerful government agencies operating as rogue governments and the politicians who cave to it.

Congress still can’t get any documents, even on the 7-year old case, Fast & Furious. The IRS commissioner John Koskinen is still in place. Congress pleaded with Trump to fire him but he’s still there. No one’s been fired.

One of the problems is Congress is delaying new hires, to be fair.

The departing congressman says no one wants to do the oversight and Congress won’t stand up for itself. Congress never cuts funding and they couldn’t get people to testify under Obama.

While Mr. Chaffetz’ decision to leave Congress centers mostly around family, at the core is his realization that he can’t accomplish anything.

The system is likely too broken and can’t be fixed without a major shakeup that even President Trump can’t accomplish. More drastic measures might be needed.

Even with the pendulum having swung from Democrat to Republican, nothing’s changed.

Attkisson points out in her questioning that the Republicans should be free of stonewalling in “investigations of spending, waste, fraud and abuse.”

Chaffetz replied, “Sadly, I don’t see much difference between the Trump administration and the Obama administration. I thought these floodgates would open up with all of the documents we wanted from the Department of State, the Department of Justice, the Pentagon. In many ways it’s almost worse, because we’re getting nothing.”

In terms of releasing documents, he finds this attorney general worse than the last one and he sees little difference between this administration and the Obama administration.

Chaffetz continues, “And that’s terribly frustrating. And with all due respect, the Attorney General, has not changed at all. I find him to be worse than what I saw with Loretta Lynch in terms of releasing documents and making things available. That’s just my experience and that’s not what I expected.”

Americans thought Trump would clean house, drain the swamp, but Deep State is still in charge.

Attkisson asks, “What were some of the investigations that this committee was stalled on that you hoped could be picked up now that’s not been able to happen in terms of documents not provided by federal agencies.”

We’ve been in court, trying to pry those documents out of the DOJ, still we get nothing.

Chaffetz says, “We have everything from the Hillary Clinton email investigation, which is really one of the critical things. There was the investigation into the IRS. And one that was more than seven years old is Fast and Furious. I mean, we have been in court, trying to pry those documents out of the Department of Justice and still to this day they will not give us those documents.”

“And the State Department, nothing, stone cold silence.”

Attkisson asks why. Chaffetz responded in frustration, “I think if we went to the senior-most people, even the President himself, they would be pulling their hair out and they would hate to hear that.”

Has he told them?

Then he talked about Deep State without labeling it. He says that within the bowels of the organization they just seem to circle the wagons and think, “Well, we can just wait you out”.

Deep State is successful at that.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen serves as prime example. The Oversight Committee called for him to be impeached but the Congress backed down.

Chaffetz says, “Look, you had more than fifty Republicans pleading with President Trump to release him, to let him go, fire him, or at least encourage him to retire. No, he’s still there, no changes, nobody was fired, nobody was prosecuted, nobody was held accountable.”

“We tried to issue subpoenas, we try to hold people in contempt and the Obama administration said no. And the Trump administration came in and did zero, nothing, nothing changed.”

No one seems to have the will except the Deep State. Another problem is fundraising. Fundraising takes much of congressmen’s time instead of the work of government.

We continue to feed the swamp critters.

President Trump is under constant assault by the establishment, the Deep State, and judicial tyrants. Congress has been unsupportive. He’s alone. Yet he has to take them on and risk it all to make massive changes needed.



  1. What has to happen is something so devastating to the bumps on a log, other than a catastrophe nothing will force them to move.

  2. What I find disturbing is his admission that Government operatives are “in control” and something needs to be done. But what is his remedy, to run out of town, And, as quickly as possible.

    If the Founding Fathers took his approach we would be a satellite of the UK today.

    For decades I’ve noticed a distinct difference in the approach by Republicans. The Democrats have used the podium to give lengthy and blunt discussions in front of the press. On the other hand, Republicans are seldom blunt and give little more than a soundbite. Until they actually put up a fight little will change.

    Chaffetz was in a unique position being a Committee leader. That position gives him unprecedented access to the media. By merely announcing a press conference he would have access and could give a blunt description of his disagreements. Instead, it’s almost as if they fear speaking out forcefully against their counterparts, the Democrats.

    We are in a unique time and there should be counter arguments at every opportunity available. Instead of crying to the public about Democrats they should begin taking the fight To Them.

  3. I bet if Trump fired IRS Commissioner John Koskinen all his tax returns would be leaked to the media by someone in the IRS, that may be why John Koskinen is still head of the IRS!!!!!! D,C, is not a swamp, its a septic tank full of some of the filthiest people on the planet!!!

    • Bingo! The only recourse Trump has is to announce any leaks by any agency by any government employee will receive the top priority of law enforcement and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. A new independent agency will be created to investigate these leaks, given full power of subpoena and directed to find the sources as though the country was at war (which it is).

  4. Chaffetz is a consummate backstabber. He always picks on convenient targets to give himself the appearance of a fighter. His caucus showed some of the greatest cowardice is US political history after taking the House and then the Senate. Now he blames a president that has had widespread revolts in the agencies less than 5 months in. Let’s see what lucrative job he gets. He is marketing himself for a job.

    • Several people have tried to confront the status and nothing changes, I think he is right and Lindsey, McCain and Ryan will see that nothing changes!

  5. Unfortunately, like in the military, we need in congress and the Senate men and women who do not have family and have the will to fight to the death, like they always recruit the young army and marine 2/lts.
    Young people who do not see the value of family & kids will fight to the death, others who grow older are more philosophical seek a less risky way to resolve conflicts. When you are up against people like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Ron Widener, Al Green, and others who will not reason with you then you MUST CALL THEIR BLUFF.

    • Your wrong! The military men and women HAVE FAMALIES. They didn’t spring up from a cabbage patch. Some have wives and children. They are not expendable. They join the military to PROTECT THE FREEDOMS OF THIS COUNTRY. TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS. THE DONT JOIN CAUSE THEY CAN DIE FOR THIS COUNTRY AND ITS UNGRATEFUL PROPLE! You don’t see the Chicago murders joining cause the y don’t love this country and want to defend it. They just want to kill. They aren’t expendable, they just don’t respect life.

      • I don’t; believe you ever served in the military, Margaret, and if you did, my apology’
        I was just trying to say that people who get discouraged in a profession sometimes realize that they are beating their heads against a wall and decide that family is more important. Many military people make the same decision when they decide not to make the military a career, especially when tours of duty are not “accompanied”.
        This doesn’t mean that they do not protect our country during their tour(s) of active duty.
        I agree with you about the big time criminals in Chicago who do not purchase their weapons from the local gun stores and do not have any respect for life and are lifelong “designated” victims, whom no one will say no to.

  6. What is Chaffetz’s Golden Showers? What do 45 people at the Secret Service already know, that we haven’t been told? “Chaffetz spent more than a decade at Nu Skin before leaving the company abruptly in 2000 without any obvious next stop.”

    “When Huntsman won the election, he appointed Chaffetz as his chief of staff. But Chaffetz only lasted a year in the job.”

    “Cherilyn Eagar a conservative Republican activist and local talk radio host who lives in Chaffetz’s district, echoes what various sources told me. She says Utah political insiders suspect “the Hatch campaign had gotten heavy-handed. There was a bit of information they were going to disclose if he ran. Things were going to get ugly.” (Hatch’s office did not respond to a request for comment.)”

    “His campaign committee recently registered the domains and”

    “The closest he got to the crime scene was Tripoli, 400 miles away. Chaffetz, who had previously voted to cut $300 million from the State Department’s budget for embassy security, claimed the purpose of his trip was to discern whether the Obama administration had denied requests for more security for the Benghazi compound. He uncovered little of substance, other than discovering that the State Department was a bit lax in allowing neighbors to throw trash over the embassy wall in Tripoli. The overeager gumshoe also managed to disclose the existence of a secret CIA base on the Benghazi compound during a subsequent hearing on the attacks.”

    “Within the Republican caucus, Chaffetz campaigned for the chairmanship as the anti-Issa, implicitly critiquing the oversight chairman’s combative style and suggesting that he could bring to the committee an element of media savvy that Issa lacked. Once again, Chaffetz stabbed a mentor in the back and won.”

    This bastard reminds me of the singer Madonna!

    “After assuming the chairmanship, one of his first moves was taking down the portraits of past chairmen, including Issa, that hung in the hearing room. Issa was not pleased. “It’s not a big deal, but it’s just indicative of what his mindset was and how self-centered he is,” says Kurt Bardella, who worked for Issa as the committee’s spokesman. Fellow lawmakers, Bardella notes, were repelled that “Jason would be so willing to throw under the bus someone who really tried to help mentor him, for his own gain.””

    “Chaffetz dropped his bid for speaker after Rep. Paul Ryan was cajoled into entering the race. He returned to his oversight committee work with a renewed zeal, threatening to impeach the head of the IRS over his handling of the nonprofit status of tea party groups and suggesting there might be grounds to remove President Barack Obama from office over Benghazi. He devoted a portion of the oversight committee’s website to enumerating the bureaucrats he claimed to have gotten fired—Salt Lake Tribune columnist Paul Rolly described this list as a “trophy case.””

    “A later investigation found that more than 45 people within the Secret Service had taken a look at his protected personnel file. Referring to the file, then-Assistant Director Edward Lowery emailed another director that March, saying, “Some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out. Just to be fair.””

  7. What good will it do to admit this now? Chaffetz supported the party leaders that kept him from actually accomplishing anything more than dramatic sound bites. He ran against the establishment candidate and immediately became one.

      • Absolutely right! There is basically no difference between the parties in Congress at this point, and so it is up to we the people to determine our own fate. Thank god the Founders provided a way out for us right in the Constitution – the Convention of States is gaining more popularity every day and all patriots should learn about it, study it, ask questions, and get involved. NOW is the time!

  8. Two, why did you not rally around Trump and try to help. Secondly the covention of States will occur and the Citizens will run you all

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