Chandler Jones Says He Was Involuntarily Committed Over Social Media Posts



Las Vegas star pass rusher Chandler Jones was put in a mental institution against his will, he says, because of his social media posts. Jones was also told he was in danger. He claims he was injected with something against his will – with an unknown substance.

“I was taken in by the Las Vegas fire department last week against my will,” Jones shared in three handwritten notes posted on X, with the caption, “First day out but I’m still aligned.”

“I was injected with I don’t know what,” the four-time pro-baller, who hasn’t played in a game this season, claimed.

Jones said “a group of 5 to 7” showed up at his front door with an ambulance and he was injected with the mystery shot and taken to Southern Hills hospital with “no cell phone or no communication.”

He then says he was transferred to Seven Hills Behavioral Health Hospital where staff allegedly “tried to force” him to take further “meds and injections.”

He Wrote of His Experience Online

“first day out, if my fans and friends were wondering, I was taken in by the Las Vegas fire department last week against my will. I was injected with don’t know what. They said that I was a court and the Las Vegas police put me on it.

“I haven’t done anything wrong. The police said people were concerned about me because of my posts online. I answered my front door and a group of 5 to 7 with there to put me in an ambulance where I was injected and I asked them not to. I had no cell phone or no communication. I was taken to Southern Hills Hospital and then transferred to Seven Hills where they tried to force me to take meds and injections [he named the doctor].

Jones attached a list of the patient’s rights which didn’t quite coincide with the way he was treated if what he says is correct. He’s out now and he said, “all I know is whoever put me in here had bad intentions I’m too strong of a person to be mentally broken for all of my friends that know me they know!!!”

He said he was made to sleep on the floor the first day, and that’s not believable. Hopefully, he wasn’t committed over his social media posts. That’s concerning. It reminded me of the psychiatrists coming out and analyzing Donald Trump without ever meeting or speaking with him.


Jones made some serious allegations against the Raiders, general manager, Dave Ziegler in a heated X rant over being involuntarily committed. “I called Raiders, GM 67 times asking for help and wondered if he had put me in here, but he never answered. I even left voicemails,” Chandler wrote.

He erased most of his posts.

Jones was placed on the non-football illness list last week ruling him out of playing indefinitely.

He’s very confused about why he can’t be allowed in the building “and why do I have to continue to watch my brothers suffer every Sunday. But no answer.” Jones wrote.

Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels said Jones’ situation was a personal situation in a private matter when he was ruled out.

The defensive end has been inactive for the first two weeks of the season and has been away from the Raiders since the final training camp practice on August 31.

On September 5, the defensive end let loose a string of allegations on Instagram saying he was no longer allowed to be in franchise headquarters, he no longer wanted to be part of the team, and he had issues with McDaniels and Ziegler, according to the athletic. He also alleged that the organization had sent to crisis response, team, and police officers to his home in his early September, Instagram rant.

Jones signed a three-year $51 million deal with the RAIDERS last year. He has racked up 112 sacks since entering the league.

As for the rants on social media, he later said he was hacked and apologized. More on his posts on Sporting News.

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2 months ago

Sounds like something a crazy person would say.

2 months ago

If Jones is telling the truth, and I bet he is, he needs to start the lawsuits immediately. It’s the only tool available, and HIGHLY effective if he wins.

mee who
mee who
2 months ago
Reply to  D3F1ANT

I believe he saw those running the show in a different light. The truth has been revealed to him and the curtain pulled back. He now KNOWS they are ALL ALIENS and use the huge audience at colosseums as a restaurant, picking their next meals as the fans enter the colosseum and THEN they (the aliens) capture them, random here random there, as not to be too obvious! Either that, or they are all demonrats!