Check this video and tell us how this can possibly be good for the USA


Left or right, how is this good for the country? Over 100,000 illegal aliens piled into the USA in February, 78,000 in January, some have COV and all are released into the interior.

The former CBP commissioner Mark Morgan said they are now pouring in at more than 5,000 per day.

We will soon be a foreign country and these people are replacing us. Nothing against the people themselves since Democrats invite them in, but what civilized country has open borders?

The answer is only the USA. This is Soros country now.

Thank a Democrat.



  1. The blunt wraps and torn off plastic baggie corners are everywhere.
    You have to be high to believe in some globalist utopian horseshit.
    Utopia for Sorrows and the controllers means hell on earth for the rest of us.
    The comrades will be unhappy when the free stuff unicorn fountain dries up after the wealth departs for greener pastures.
    Some feel that they are entitled to other people’s stuff (money) and may get grabby with it.
    It won’t end well.

  2. Easy! When Trump is announced as the true winner and Kamala is uninstalled, Trump supporters will be so triumphant that the left will be scared witless, and “the wall” will be backed more. Yay for our side. Trump will do more good for the Central American citizenry than an open border would, he will show Mexico how to prosper.

  3. Trump will not be president, we no longer live in a country with law, do what makes you feel good and shoot anyone who disagrees.

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