Chicago More Concerned about Election Protests than Murders


Shootings and murders are so commonplace in Chicago that no one notices anymore. Not even when the victims are women and children. Twenty-nine people were shot this weekend, including four women and two teens.

To make matters worse, four more Democrat voters were murdered. What if they didn’t vote yet? As with most cases of shootings and murders in Chicago, no arrests have been made.

Chicago police have just expanded and intensified their patrols. Not because of the shootings, but because of the election on Tuesday.


Business owners in downtown Chicago are on edge. They anticipate violence in the wake of presidential election results.

One would think that business owners would be on edge because of the increased violence seen in their city over the summer. Not so.

Businesses in some areas of downtown Chicago have already boarded up their windows in anticipation of Tuesday’s election. There’s an increased effort to protect businesses along the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue.

“We have heard that some have closed, although I will say some are closing to give their employees the opportunity to vote,” said Kimberly Bares, president of the Magnificent Mile Association. Nice try!


“We will not tolerate looting or other criminal behavior,” Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said. Mayor Lightfoot also said violence will not be tolerated. Interesting how violence was tolerated this summer.

Although Mayor Lightfoot is “contemplating a number of worst-case scenarios,” she’s hoping for the best. She went on to say, “I hope no one tests our resolve because they’re going to be the worse off of it.”

Worse off than what? Being shot or murdered?

The mayor then issued a stern warning. “If you come armed for a fight … we’re going to be prepared for you and we’re going to bring you to justice.”

Like Antifa or BLM are really worried about Mayor Lightweight’s empty threat!

The city plans to “strategically deploy” dump trucks and snow spreaders across Chicago. There’s even have a plan to raise bridges and stop public transportation to keep protesters out of the downtown area.


Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management & Communications Executive Director Rich Guidice also weighed in. “Our main objective is to ensure residents feel safe while voting and that whatever the outcome, protests remain peaceful.”

Since the city can’t ensure residents feel safe while in the city for work and business, how can they possibly ensure resident’s safety on Election Day?

Chicago is obviously preparing for violence and widespread riots. “Things got out of hand in May and August that were very concerning and very traumatizing to people,” River North Residents Association president Mike Riordan said. “Trump Tower, which is in our neighborhood, is a lightning rod for crazy activity and protests,” he went on to say.

Trump Tower will undoubtedly be the target of violence. So the city is right to be concerned about the inevitable riots and protests that will follow Tuesday’s election results. Murders, not so much.

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