Watch Kamala urge person here illegally to push people to vote Biden-Harris


Comrade Kamala Harris promised Sunday to reduce detention space for migrants in a conversation in a clip online. Commie-la also asked an illegal immigrant to tell others to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket.

Biden has already said he would end all deportations on day one, and he would give amnesty to every illegal alien here, not just Dreamers. He will also give them free healthcare, social security, and all other benefits.

President Trump tried to give amnesty to the Dreamers, but Pelosi wouldn’t accept any deal that included amnesty. She wouldn’t give him the win.

“I’m undocumented … I can’t vote …What can we do during this election to help make sure that we get you elected?” asked Astrid Silva, who was brought into the United States as a child by her illegal migrant parents.

“You can tell people who can vote what life is like for you now, and what life can be like,” Vice President nominee Harris told the Nevada-based community organizer. Silva runs the pro-amnesty Dream Big Nevada group.

Comrade Kamala said, “We are committed to shutting down private detention centers and ending policies that have been about separating children from their parents at the border.”

It’s Not About Hate. It’s About Having Borders

Dreamers are the objects of hate, Harris said. That’s not true. Democrats are pro-amnesty because the new Americans will mostly vote for Democrats for various reasons. It will turn the country permanently blue. It’s a power grab.

“We’ve seen under the current president the kind of vitriol, the kind of hate, the vilification of immigrants in such a horrible way,” Harris declared. She added, “We want to have a president who understands we are a nation of immigrants. This is a country that was built and that has derived its strength from immigrants coming here over the generations.”

After this was posted, Silva posted another video, begging people to vote for Biden and Harris. “It’s been sleepless nights, terror in our own homes. If it hasn’t affected you these past 4 years, consider yourself fortunate. Some of us couldn’t escape it. YOU can give us relief at the polls,” she said in a Twitter post. We doubt she’s telling the truth about the sleepless nights.


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