Child Rapists, MS-13 Caught at the Border Where There Is No Wall


Border Patrol agents said Thursday that they apprehended several illegal immigrants at the southern border in Texas, in places where there are no physical barrier walls to deter illegal crossings.

A Mexican man with a previous conviction in Georgia for child molestation, a Honduran man with a record in North Carolina showing a conviction for “Indecent Liberties with Child,” and another Honduran male with a Florida record that identified him as a member of the violent MS-13 gang.

The apprehensions occurred in the Rio Grande Valley sector of the southern border on Monday and Tuesday.

Border agents say a 25-foot barrier has stopped them where it exists, and they need more.

Wilfredo Perez-Aquilar, child rapist

Via MFA Media Group: [emphasis mine]

Agents on Monday caught a cluster of illegal immigrants shortly after they crossed into the U.S. Checks on their records revealed that one of them, a Guatemalan male, was previously convicted for attempted second-degree murder in New York. He was sentenced to five years confinement.

Both incidents happened in the southernmost part of Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley sector of the border, where illegal crossings are more than three times that of any other sector and where agents told me they are in dire need of a physical barrier wall.

When I paid a visit to the area two weeks ago, border patrol division chief John Morris told me that 90 percent of illegal alien apprehensions take place in the vast swaths of land where no border wall construction has been completed. In other areas, there are 25-foot-tall concrete and steel barriers that function as both reinforcements for ditches that control flooding from the Rio Grande river and as a deterrent to illegal crossers.

At the Nogales crossing, a man tried to run the border by running over a border agent. The man was shot and killed, and another man in the car was arrested.

This igoees on non-stop.

U.S. Border Patrol agents on Saturday arrested a Salvadoran male crossing illegally into the country from Mexico from another location without a wall, according to Customs and Border Protection. While his arrest was in process, agents identified him as an active MS-13 gang member.


Last Friday, agents arrested 39-year-old Mariano Sic-Cua, a citizen of Guatemala, after he entered the U.S. illegally through the desert. There is no wall at that location.

During processing, agents discovered Sic had a felony conviction in 2010 for sexual assault in Palm Beach, Florida, which resulted in 308 days in confinement.

On Sunday, agents patrolling near Cowlic, Ariz. arrested Honduran citizen Christopher Aquino-Canaca, a self-admitted MS-13 gang member, with a group of six other individuals illegally present in the United States.

During processing, agents discovered Aquino was previously removed from the United States by immigration officials on two occasions.

Arrests of undocumented immigrants — often with extensive criminal histories — and drug “mules” in or near the Cowlic village are common. There is a native tribe in Cowlic that doesn’t want a wall. Some of their members are involved in border crime and smuggling. And some of the tribe live in Mexico.

The media won’t often mention issues like this: the tribe doesn’t want a wall, but some of their members are part of the illegal activities.

Cowlic border fence

House Dems locked ICE out of negotiations

House Democrats have locked ICE out of negotiations for plans to limit detentions which ICE says would mean the release of over 30,000 illegal aliens and thousands of criminals. Even the Senate plan will release criminal aliens.

This clip below is a snapshot of 78,000 caught at just the Arizona crossing. There are many who haven’t been caught. In Cowlic, almost no one is caught as one example.

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