Chinese Cartels Expand the Drug Trade in Mexico —It’s Killing Americans


Chinese cartels are rapidly expanding the fentanyl and methamphetamine drug trade in Mexico—a phenomenon that is taking many Americans’ lives and underscores the importance of having a secure southern border.

At the same time, Joe Biden has vowed to stop all deportations, end the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, give free healthcare and social security to illegal aliens, and give amnesty to millions. All this while COVID is allegedly raging.

The “Los Zheng” cartel is reported to have “the largest presence in Mexico for the trafficking of fentanyl and methamphetamine.” It is becoming a major concern to Mexican and U.S. national security authorities.

The cartel’s supply chain originates in Wuhan, China (also the origin of coronavirus!)—where it can produce chemicals necessary for these drugs in large scales and at low costs.

The Los Zheng and other Chinese cartels in Mexico have largely stayed undetected from authorities as they operate through Mexican shell companies that range from veterinary services to clothing sales. Los Zheng is also said to utilize legitimate pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to help facilitate drug production.

The expansion of Chinese cartels participating in this drug trade is becoming a large priority to U.S. national security authorities.

You can be sure the senile Joe Biden will be right on top of this when he’s not taking a lid or hiding in the basement of the White House.

This entire election is a pathetic joke.

There were two ways Joe Biden, the first puppet president, could go when it comes to Covid. He could have miraculously cured COVID, or he could say it has worsened so Democrats can transform the county.

It now appears clear that the Biden handlers are going for the total transformation. They are going with the transformation to the socialist USA.

They have weaponized COV. They don’t use it for ‘protests,’ but they use it for religious gatherings, family holidays, and small businesses trying to survive.



  1. Gee, think for a minute. Where does China get all this extra cash to spend on turncoat traitors like Buyden? China couldn’t be killing off Americans by the thousands without the cooperation of Mexican and other international cartels. These are money laundering operations for the ChiComs to buy off corrupt American politicians like Buyden. The covid pandemic was an act of war, but in concert with domestic enemies like Fauxi, corrupt politicians and corporations who are up to their necks in collusion to enrich themselves while they destroy the United States in favor of a socialist/communist world order.

    • And they wouldn’t have the money if we would QUIT BUYING FROM CHINA! Yes, I know, too often we don’t have a choice. But when we do, don’t buy from China. And better yet, don’t buy any import. Pay a little extra and buy American. But American manufacturers and labor need to hold the line on pricing and be competitive because we don’t always have the money to pay the extra even if we want to.

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