The Vaccine Is Coming or Not


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The vaccine is coming or not

By Floy Jackson

President Trump had a COVID press conference today, revealing some great news.  His Warp Speed vaccine initiative is paying off in a big way.  But NOT SO FAST, girls and boys… If our president does not prevail in contesting the fraudulent ridden election, we may not see those vaccines for a very long time.

Joe Biden has named the infamous Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel to his COVID advisory board.  The good doctor is pushing something he is calling a Fair Priority Model.  Dr. Ezekiel believes the vaccine should be distributed GLOBALLY instead of America first.

For those unfamiliar with Dr. Emanuel, he is also known as “Doctor Death,” or “The Death Czar, or “Dr. Ezek and is brother to hard Leftwinger Rahm.  Ezek served as an advisor to Barack for Obamacare and is responsible for the Obamacare limits on senior care.  He intended to have any senior over the age of 75 be denied all treatment, all diagnostics.  Simple procedures like pacemakers, joint replacements, or even MRI’s or Cat scans would be denied.  Or as Obama put it, sometimes granny should go home with the little (pain) pill to take instead.

You’ve Lived Long Enough.

Essentially, Dr. Ezek believes 75 is long enough to live, that healthcare should be rationed for the elderly and disabled.  Gee, where have we heard this before (Hint: Sig Heil!).  Had O’Care gone into full effect, that 75 number would likely be reduced to any who are no longer working and “contributing to society?”

We should also note Biden’s advisor, Dr. Ezek, believes America needs to be completely locked down for another 12-18 months. I find it sadly comical just considering Biden “picked” anybody for anything.  It would be coming from a man who, as reported by witnesses, is often unaware when it is time to toilet himself.

At age 63 and with some luck, we will only need to hear from this miserable individual for 12 more years.

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Plissken, Snake
Plissken, Snake
2 years ago

Too much money to made off of it and it has a high Fundamental Transformation factor.
Now fundamentally transforming into Hell on earth. Too bad so sad about the (s)election three ring circus best government that money can buy but you don’t vote your way out of a globalist utopia.
Meet me by the 55 gallon drums and we’ll enjoy a rat kebab and fashion some new sandals out of these old tires. I’ll make sure your heater is good to go for the fabulous fun filled festivities.
Remember the front sight is everything.
This is the glorious people’s collective utopian paradise where all comrades are equal and exactly the same.

2 years ago

If immunity is temporary after Covid infection, will the vaccine also be temporary. It would be nice to have some kind of explanation why the dramatic low temperature for storage. What happens if there are lax procedures in keeping those temperatures. Will that effect the patient.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
2 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Greg, the notion that post Covid infection is temporary is pure bull crap.
Swine Flu,H1N1, infected MORE AMERICANS than COVID WORLDWIDE cases. Swine was far more lethal to YOUNG people than elderly, why was that?

Millions of Older people had a history of previous infections of H1N1 like viruses and therefore, continued to have a lasting immunity to that virus.

As of July 2009, there were 60.8 Million Americans with H1N1. Obviously, there would be MANY more contracting the virus there after but we will never know how many. Biden, who like Pence was assigned to handle Swine, ORDERED COUNTING AND CONTACT TRACING BE STOPPED AS OF JULY.

At this point, it is impossible for anybody to know how long natural immunity will last for people who had covid. However, the continued CRAP that immunity is short lived HELPS Democrats keep absolute control of Americans. They will NEVER WILLINGLY give up that control.

2 years ago

Spare this country from Zeke Emmanuel who wrote up Obamacare, favors euthanasia, and does not cherish life like true Christians do. In speech and thought, he is one abrasive Loonie Liberal and truly dangerous to our way of life. Biden is beginning to unravel the core of our values with nominees like this, as he has promised.