Chris Matthews Brings on a Reporter-Counterfeiter to Decry “Alt-Facts”


The media pounced on comments made by Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway when she was asked about Sean Spicer’s comments about crowd size at the inauguration. Sean Spicer is President Trump’s press secretary. She used the expression “alternative facts” to refer to the different facts Spicer said he had about crowd size.

Chris Matthews thought her use of the expression was unfortunate and discussed it on Hardball. The “reporter” he had in to discuss it was, of all people, Dan Rather, the king of fake news. Matthews should have brought in the other fake news reporter Brian Williams.

Rather said about Kellyanne’s comments:

“Well, to say it was unfortunate puts it mildly. This was a big mistake,” Rather said. “Listen, we simply cannot — and I don’t mean journalists, but none of us can go into this world of alternative facts. Two plus two equals four. That’s a fact.”

“There is no alternative to it. Water runs downhill. That’s a fact. It snows in Alaska. There’s sand dunes in Saudi Arabia. These are facts. This idea of alternative facts, this is a propaganda tool. You and I know that Ms. Conway is a very smart lady and she didn’t just off-handedly say this. They made this point before.”

“I don’t think that even most of the very Trump supporters who really believe in it want us to deal in a world of alternative facts. Facts and the truth are as close as is humanly possible to get to the truth. The very foundation of our democracy and dealing with an informed citizenry, we all know this. I think we have to be careful, not just as journalism and not just the White House, but the public at large has to think carefully about this whole propaganda tool of alternate facts.”

Rather, 85, is the one who used forged documents as the basis for a politically damning report about former President George W. Bush. He refused to fully acknowledge the counterfeit Bush documents even after CBS retracted the story. Even after the world knew it was fake.

He is fake news.

Rather’s report used phony documents in a Sept. 8, 2004, segment alleging Bush went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard in the 1960s and 1970s. But typography experts quickly found issues with the documents, which were soon exposed as forgeries. Rather initially refused to retract the story, instead on Sept. 20 apologizing but only conceding that he couldn’t “vouch” for the documents’ “authenticity.” CBS, however, retracted the story and fired several people involved in its production – but not Rather, Fox News reported.

In a story about the Rather scandal, The New York Times used a headline terming the report “fake but accurate,” which may even go beyond “alternative facts.”

Fox News ran a poll this week and found that 61% of Americans see fake news as hurting the country. The left is trying to convince Americans it’s coming only from the right but they control almost the entire media. CNN is a joke along with The Washington Post and the New York Times. Their reporting has been shown to be fraudulent time and again.

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