Chris Matthews Compares Trump to the Romanoffs Again


Once again, hyperbolic loon Chris Matthews compares the Trumps to the Romanoff’s. Matthews is wrong. It was Obama who appointed czars and said he’d have “more flexibility” after his last election.

Matthews is upset that Ivanka Trump is working for Trump – for free by the way.

“You know,”, Matthews said on Hardball, “history shows that nepotism doesn’t work. It works for the sovereign, but it doesn’t work for the people. That’s why over time, no matter how many door this guy smashes through, that has been the practice. There have been exceptions like Bobby Kennedy who spent three years while he ran his brother’s presidential campaign, his Senate campaign. He was chief council to the rackets investigating committee for three years.”

“He knew what he was doing in Washington politics. She’s a newbie. Her husband is a son-in-law. It is like the Romanovs. He is distributing the wealth among his family members power. It’s an unusual, un-American thing to be doing.”

Chris Matthews can’t help himself. He’s a big Clinton fan. In 2012, Chris Matthews liked a Bill Clinton speech so much that he said, “If Bill Clinton landed on Mars. He would know how to do it with them. He would know how to reproduce. He would know everything. He would just instinctively know how to talk to people. They would be laughing in about five minutes. The Martians.”

Matthews actually said that aloud on air.

I have no problem sending Bill Clinton…and his wife…to Mars. I know what the Martians would actually say — “I did not have sex with that man”.

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