Citi Bank Will Ban Gun Dealers’ Accounts If They Sell High-Cap Mags


Citi bank is ordering gun dealers to stop selling high-capacity magazines or their accounts will be banned. They will do the same if dealers sell to people under age 21 or if they sell bump stocks. We are now a country where the elites can defy the Constitution and violate peoples’ rights.

This is what the former attorney general Eric Holder tried to do with Operation ChokePoint.

Globalists are forcing their agenda down our throats through corporations. They will never stop until they have full control and it’s not only about guns.

We are lucky Trump won because Hillary would have moved full-speed ahead on this type of thing.

Bank of America is looking to boycott rifle manufacturers.

And it’s not only banks. Walmart Inc. and Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. said they will no longer sell guns to those under the age of 21 and Dick’s dropped the sale of assault-style rifles entirely.

These are the same people trying to destroy our First Amendment. Look at what Laura Ingraham is going through over a tweet she apologized for.

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