Claudia Conway’s reaction to her parents leaving their jobs to ‘parent’


After her parents announced they were cutting back on work to ‘parent’ more, Claudia Conway went onto the Internet to discuss her feelings, which she describes as “shock.” She didn’t seem to want them home more.

Her father is leaving The Lincoln Project and her mother is leaving the White House.

The young Claudia claimed her parents were verbally and physically abusive and “that’s not okay.” The 15-year-old said her father abused her “right in this room.” [her room]

The fact that her mother quit means nothing she said because her mother has worked with Donald Trump for four years since she – Claudia – was 11 or 12.

Her father seems insane, but Kellyanne has never acted like that. One thing is for certain, Claudia appears to hate her parents, as do a lot of kids these days. She also loves the camera and the attention This is a far cry from two months ago when she told USA Today that she “loved her mother to death.”

At one point, she said she thought her parents were going to get divorced, but now she thinks they won’t because they want to keep her from emancipating.

Bottom line — she said she still plans to pursue emancipation when she hits age 16 in October. Her view is people like her parents shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

These traumatic family stories are painful to watch.




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