Climate Hysterics Tell Us We’re No Better Than the Waxy Monkey Tree Frog


The believers – climate science hysterics – no longer need to justify any of the claims they make, no matter how absurd. They’ve established climate science as a religion, and it’s hard to fight back. Even the deliberately vague terminology they use is impossible to debate.

The climate cultists have returned us to Pantheism. You are one with the snails, dirt, trees, and waxy monkey tree frogs too. Man is a cancer!

Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

Scientist Dr. William M. Briggs of The Stream went on to theBlaze last week to discuss Earth Day.

Critical thinking no longer exists, he said, and all nonsense is automatically accepted. The youth have been indoctrinated which guarantees the concocted notions will survive.

Briggs explained the scientific community deliberately keeps changing their predictions to pretend they haven’t been wrong.

In the 1960s, scientists predicted overpopulation would cause too much use of fossil fuels, which would pollute the air. Science has predicted both global cooling that would cause another ice age and global warming that would burn up the Earth, but today’s rhetoric is all about “sustainability.”

Thirty-Five Years Ago, Scientists Were Certain of The Coming Ice Age

As Briggs explained, scientists finally have it right by calling it “climate change” because the Earth’s temperature has always been fluctuating.

None of their catastrophic predictions came about so they’ve altered their approach. They use vague, hyperbolic and authoritative language that no one can contest.

“The climate on the Earth has never been static, not ever. It has never stayed still,” Briggs said. “If you predict ‘climate change,’ you will always be right. You cannot go wrong. It’s infallible.”

Scientists have switched from preaching “global warming” to pushing “climate change” and the buzzword “sustainability” because vague terms are impossible to prove, Briggs said.

Sustainability is even better than prior terms because it doesn’t mean anything. They are removing the science from reality to make it impossible to refute. Global cooling, overpopulation, global warming were all a bust for them. They’ve worked it out so all they have to do is say authoritatively that something is bad for the climate so you can’t defend against it.

As he said, there are a range of people who follow the science. Some are corrupt politicians and some are believers who see “man as a cancer”. It’s a return to “pantheism” and the earth is “alive”.

The doctor asked, how do you talk people out of that kind of religion?

You can go to 01:39 on the mark and listen to one of the Occupy Wall Street/Climate Change communists say we are “organic creatures in a symbiotic relationship with the planet”. True enough but these are the people who are pushing the Nye science.

Following is the panel discussion with Nye saying science is politics.

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