Clown World: Demon Returns to the Michigan State House


The Satan Temple worshippers put up a new tribute to demons in the Michigan Statehouse after a former military officer named Michael Cassidy tore down their last demon. This one is the ‘Yule Goat’ featuring a medallion from the Satanic Temple of West Michigan.

“TST members across Michigan united to create their State Capitol holiday display,” the social media post announced. “Stop by the Capitol to view our Michigan congregations’ display!”

A spokesperson for the Satanic Temple told The Daily Caller that the goat was “inspired by the Scandinavian Yule (and later Christmas) tradition of the Yule Goat, or Julbocken.”

These Satanic Temple “worshippers” are clowns. Laugh at them.

100% totally stupid demon statue.

“Many of our members in Michigan observe the Yule holiday as well as the Satanic holiday of Sol Invictus, and Satanism has historically used goat symbolism, making this a perfect fit for our holiday display,” they claimed as part of their pretense that it’s a religion.

“Our display serves as an expression of religious pluralism and a celebration of diversity throughout our state.”

It certainly is diverse to worship Satan. Now, if they put up photos of Democrat politicians, they’d have some real demons.

These “worshippers” don’t really believe in demons. This “temple” exists solely to mock Christianity. It’s best to ignore them.

Mr. Cassidy is facing a 4th-degree misdemeanor, but between his GiveSendGo and pledges to support his case from Charlie Kirk and Ron DeSantis, it shouldn’t cost him any money.

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Tommy Payne
Tommy Payne
1 month ago

Okay, let me just point out that under the so-called ‘establishment clause’ of the constitution the government may not establish a religion in the United States and, just as the Second Amendment is binding on the state governments, so is the First.
I see every month another government forbidding the placement of Christian items, crosses, nativity scenes, etc., yet here they say its okay to place the iconography of the church of satan.
This country has gone to hell (forgive the reference to the above) and its the progressive liberal idiots driving the train.

2 months ago

Their is an extraordinary amount of mentally Ill people in the world these days.

I see a future age with mental asylums making a big comeback.