CNN Buffoonery! All You Need to Constrain Americans for Life Is a Hoary Poem


Jim Acosta, the angry buffoon of CNN news, thinks the Emma Lazarus poem, The New Colossus, installed on the Statue of Liberty, is public policy. Not to be outdone, the more idiotic Chris Cuomo, also of CNN, said it’s “the signature promise of this country.”

The “signature promise of this country” is the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

It’s not the hackneyed “huddled masses” phrase a few liberals like to repeat ad nauseum. And we don’t want “The wretched refuse of your teeming shores” necessarily. Emma did, but it was before terrorism and transnational gangs.

If this were our signature vow for all eternity, then all anyone would have to do to create permanent law is write a catchy poem.

It should be noted that at the time the poem was written, welfare recipients were not allowed to immigrate.

Cuomo has lent us his brilliant observations on a number of occasions. There are too many to publish here but we have a few.

In this clip, he says communism lifts people up.

He also said the media’s job is to serve as the opposition to Trump, the duly-elected president.

Our favorite is when he said the people aren’t allowed to read Wikileaks emails. That’s the media’s job. The media will let us know what’s in them or what we can read.

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