CNN Debunks Their Own Bidenomics Success Tale in Real Time


Mika Brzezinski kicked off a segment of Morning Joe with a clip of a voter focus group discussing the economy. It was meant to set up a defense of Bidenomics. The group said Donald Trump’s policies were better for the economy than Biden’s.

It was her lead-up to a grand debunking of what they said by Rep. Jim Clyburn. Instead, it became an example of how the best-laid plans can go awfully wrong.

Bring in Rep. Jim Clyburn to blame social media bloggers who allegedly gaslight people into thinking Bidenomics isn’t working.

“I do believe, just from my own observations, from the conversations I’ve had with people, there are concerns about things like inflation.

“But what we’ve got to get them to see is that inflation today is about 40% of what it was when Joe Biden took office [huh?] and saw the inflation rate go down and people’s incomes are up.

“Unemployment is on the decrease [it went up]. And although you see the prices at the stores costing more money, people are, in fact, earning greater incomes. [They’re not keeping up with inflation].

“So, what we’ve got to do is make sure that people see the policies of the Biden administration, how they affect their everyday lives. And get them to see in his policies that which is real, not what they may hear on social media.

“One of the ‘focus groups people’ talked about social media and the misrepresentation and disinformation.

“All of those things are out there, and that’s the battle that we have to fight, and we’ve got to do a better job of fighting it more effectively.”

Mika validated the so-called problem of social media disinformation and the need to validate people’s feelings, continuing the superficial analysis. Then the bomb came.

Mika Brzezinski, YouTube screengrab
In comes the co-anchor of CNBC Squawk Box, Andrew Ross Sorkin, with breaking news. He contradicted everything Brzezinski and Clyburn just said.

“The consumer price index increased at a faster than expected pace last month, a signal that inflation remains stubbornly high,” Mika read from the teleprompter, introducing Sorkin.

“It is accelerating,” Sorkin assures the audience, “and you know we’ve been on this broadcast for months now about how the trend line was in President Biden’s favor today. I imagine they’re throwing a party at Mar a Lago because the truth is that right now, inflation has now moved in the opposite direction.

“So it’s going to be harder for the administration to make the argument around this inflation trend line. What it means—you’re seeing it in the markets just right now—is that frankly, mortgage rates are not going to be coming down, and credit card rates are not going to be coming down.

“There had been this view that the Federal Reserve might cut interest rates as early as June. There was an expectation of three interest rate cuts.

“Now that’s getting pushed off again, you’re seeing treasuries move up in price. The stock market has been moved down on this news today, and as I said, it has been a shock and, I think, a surprise for many just how hot this number has turned out to be.”

Why are they surprised? There was never a trend line. As long as Biden keeps spending wildly, pouring inflated trillions of dollars into the economy, it won’t get better.

Emphasis added.

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