CNN hits a new low! Compares Trump to Nazis purging Jews


CNN reached a new low out of an amazing number of lows. They compared President Trump to Nazis purging Jews.

Ironically, it is Democrats in the liberal city of New York who harasses Jews and does nothing when they are beaten or knifed by lunatics running loose in the city.

It is the leftists in the far-left cities who allow Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other monsters to enforce their values.

These are the people who say it’s dangerous to mention possible voter fraud by the left.


New York City leftists are literally persecuting Jews or allowing others to persecute them:

Amanpour is not a journalist. She is a commentator and activist.



  1. Trump is the biggest supporter of Israel while dems favor palestine and terrorist nations. No way can you call President Trump a nazi, that’s more your style CNN!

  2. Who was the network that put on a known White Supremacist, Richard Spencer, giving him a platform and a favorable interview.

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