CNN Reports Trump’s Offending the Witch Demographic — For Real


CNN is taking witches seriously enough these days to use them against President Trump. In a segment aimed at pointing out the problem with Trump’s use of the [common] phrase ‘witch hunt’, CNN reported that [real?] witches are offended by it.

After this stunning news report, we at the Sentinel fear the President will never win the witch vote. Witches are definitely part of the Democrat voting bloc.

The President describes the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with witches. There are no witches’ rights since witches do not exist except in the minds of the attention getters and mentally deranged. But that is telling you something you already know.

Oh, wait, I’m wrong, there are witches. Here’s one:

CNN has gone completely mad, and they offend me for pretending they are a news network. They are merely 24/7 propaganda infecting the airways.

They are getting slammed on social media

Even if you say this was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it required them taking witches seriously enough to bash the president. It’s absurd. They’re idiots.

CNN is now a sitcom.

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John Acord
John Acord
4 years ago

The Commiecrats at the Commie News Network as usual have it all wrong. If one were a witch I would not want to be hunted. On the other hand Muller could just be a warlock in disguise in which case the witches might want to be hunted. In either case, I am certain HC has the witch vote locked up. And, there are advertisers who pay good money for this airtime? That really amazes me.

4 years ago

CNN is a $hit $how and a $hit Hole, and nothing those witches can do anything, to outweigh the Power of the Living God; whose warriors are many, much more in number and much more powerful than any of these pitiful witches. Over whom, they have NO power whatsoever..

4 years ago
Reply to  Shemin'Yah

Oops, I didn’t edit. I had meant to say, nothing those witches can do, can outweigh the power of the Living God. For there are many more with us, than there are with them. Anyone who the Most High blesses is blessed and cannot be cursed. But, cursed are those who follow after false g-ds or idols, or who blaspheme the Most High.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Showtime and comedy channel mixed with propaganda, watchers are being fed utter nonsense, Marxism, Socialism and other brainwash material.