CNN blatherer Adam Kinzinger Endorses Joe Biden for Democracy


During his announcement endorsing Joe Biden, Adam Kinzinger claimed he’s a proud conservative putting democracy and the Constitution first. He said Biden will always protect democracy. He even told the “dictator from day one” lie, and he knows it’s a lie.

With tongue-in-cheek, Donald Trump said he’d be a dictator on day one for one day only to close the border and open up our energy sources.

At least Kinzinger’s out in the open as a far-left Democrat when the price is right. Thanks to CNN, we know his price.

Biden has destroyed our borders, is collapsing our economy, and spurring wars throughout the world. His DOJ leadership subverts the law to get what they want. For them, the Constitution is something to be circumvented, not followed. Our Bill of Rights is under constant attack. That is how Democrats define democracy.

Kinzinger is a senior political commentator for CNN, a network sworn to destroy Donald Trump.

Even when he was a ‘conservative,’ he only voted with Republicans 48% of the time.

When will Liz Cheney come out for Biden?

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