CNN Star Hopes Melania Trump gets the Wuhan Virus


CNN hater and all-around loon Rick Wilson wishes the lovely Melania Trump would get Coronavirus. You would think if he was going to say something like this, he’d wish it on Comrade Xi’s wife.

He tweeted, #BeInfected with a link to a CNN link. There is no low too low for these people. You’d think he’d fear karma.

His fans said it’s only a play on her #BeBest campaign as if that makes it okay. He didn’t take it down but why would he? This is who he is and it’s what CNN has become.

He too claims it’s okay since it’s a play on her ‘Be Best’ campaign. He’s playing coy here. Wilson gets to say it and pretends he didn’t.

He thinks we have no cause to be outraged.

What this fool doesn’t remember is that the Democrats were impeaching while the virus was rampaging through China. Still, the President put in a travel ban and he was bashed for that too.


Last night, Bill O’Reilly did a nice, succinct job of explaining that. He has a good podcast four nights a week that people might think about signing up for, it’s good.

O’Reilly timeline:

Now, I’ll give you the facts. OK. On January 30th, the World Health Organization declared the virus a global health emergency, January 30th. The next day, President Trump stopped the flights from China. Now, on February 3rd, Congressman Schiff delivered his closing arguments in this Senate impeachment trial. So, you can see it’s concurrent. What do you think President Trump’s doing? He knows about the World Health Organization, but his focus has to be on him being impeached, correct? So, it’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. Then on February 26th, the first case of local transmission was announced in America. Again, I gave you a warning on the 22nd, the president gave you a warning on the 31st of January, three weeks before, but nobody had any idea. February 29th, the first death. First death. It’s only three weeks ago in the USA, you could see how fast this is.

So, to be fair, and that’s what this program’s all about, Donald Trump has acted pretty quickly. Yeah, there’s not enough test kits, but they’re ramping. There may not be enough respirators and all that, but their ramping, it’s only been three weeks. So, I’m okay with the president. All in all, we got to tough it out. We are a strong people collectively, I believe. I think the nation is weaker now than it was 20 years ago. I do. I think it’s a weaker nation now because of the media, primarily and the poor education system we have. But I think we’ll come together and I do believe this virus will diminish in late spring and early summer.

Watch this, it’s excellent:

Back to Wilson. He is tripling down. He wrote an article for Daily Beast titled, “You cheered as he fucked up, no take backs, Trumpists.”

We have taken just one line from the article to give you a sense of it if you didn’t guess from the title — “It took a plague to peel back the scales from his eyes finally, and even now, too many Trumpist Republicans insist this is fine. Heckuva job, Trumpie.”

He’s nothing more than a hater, and his language is disgusting. We are sorry to print it but you have to know what’s going on.


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