CNN’s Rehearsed Students at Stoneman High

The student movement March for Our Lives is sponsored by Everytown and is part of a larger leftist movement. Everytown is the Bloomberg organization that now has offices in every state hoping to gut the Second Amendment. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other funders and promoters. The students they are exploiting the movement certainly are rehearsed.

What makes this especially interesting is this is allegedly a grassroots movement organized by students at the Stoneman Douglas High School in the heart of liberal Broward County, Florida. One of the ringleaders is a senior named David Hogg.

Who is David Hogg?

David Hogg was one of the main speakers for the anti-gun students after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The building that was hit by crazed gunman Nikolas Cruz was the Freshman building. Mr. Hogg reported on Twitter that he will graduate in 2018. Hogg, a senior, claims he hid in the Freshman building and lost some of his friends.

He is promoting the so-called grassroots March of Our Lives with another student Emma Gonzalez. Both will snub an invitation to meet the President to appear on CNN with Jake Tapper Wednesday for a town hall.


Mr. Hogg is an unbelievably articulate [heavy emphasis on ‘unbelievably’] anti-Republican, and anti-gun spokesman. His Twitter feed shows he is a liberal who fancies himself a Student filmmaker and a Sun-Sentinel Teenlink reporter.

CNN Lets Them Blame Trump, Not the FBI

Hogg’s father is a former FBI agent and one of his first statements on CNN was to condemn the President for blaming the FBI “unfairly”. He further stated that the FBI is Trump’s agency and he is responsible. That’s quite a stretch, especially given the fact that the FBI did not “follow protocols”, and, as it turns out, they failed twice.

“I think it’s disgusting, personally. My father’s a retired FBI agent and the FBI are some of the hardest working individuals I have ever seen in my life,” proclaimed David Hogg to CNN.

“It’s wrong that the president is blaming them for this.”

Apparently lacking basic knowledge of how the FBI is run, he said the following.

“He can’t put that off on them. He is in charge of them and these people, what they love to do is push this off on bureaucracy and say it’s not them,” he said. “He is in charge of the FBI … the executive branch is supposed to enforce laws and as such, President Trump is in charge of that and the FBI.”

The fault for this tragedy lies squarely on the shoulder’s of the FBI, who could have prevented this back in January. It also lies with other agencies who failed and perhaps the school. The school adopted the Eric Holder policy of discipline, completely disassociating itself from the police in matters of student behavior.

Another student, Emma Gonzalez, also offered praise for the FBI and criticized Trump for his attacks on the bureau.

“The fact that he wants to discredit them in any way, that he’s trying to shift our focus onto them, is … it’s not acceptable,” she said.

CNN didn’t even call them on this obvious misinterpretation of basic civics. The guy wouldn’t have even been in the school if the FBI had done their job. And, not for nothing, but the FBI agreed they screwed up!

Hogg Has a History of Being in the News

Adding to Hogg’s lack of credibility is a clip showing he was rehearsed by CNN and was following a script.

Hogg Has Been in the News Before

Then There Is the Liberal, Well-Rehearsed Cameron Kasky

Student Cameron Kasky told anchor Anderson Cooper Friday, “Everything I’ve heard where we can’t do anything and this is just out of our hands—it’s inevitable, I think that’s a facade that the GOP is putting up.” He continued, “I think that that’s what they want us to think. I think that after every shooting the NRA sends them a memo saying send your thoughts and prayers. Say let’s not talk about this now. Say this happens.”

Emma Gonzalez and CNN Sound A Lot Alike After Rehearsals

Emma Gonzalez had her say.

“Every single person up here today, all these people should be home grieving. But instead we are up here standing together because if all our government and President can do is send thoughts and prayers, then it’s time for victims to be the change that we need to see. Since the time of the Founding Fathers and since they added the Second Amendment to the Constitution, our guns have developed at a rate that leaves me dizzy. The guns have changed but our laws have not.”

We certainly do not understand why it should be harder to make plans with friends on weekends than to buy an automatic or semi-automatic weapon. In Florida, to buy a gun you do not need a permit, you do not need a gun license, and once you buy it you do not need to register it. You do not need a permit to carry a concealed rifle or shotgun. You can buy as many guns as you want at one time.

It sounds remarkably like CNN’s pitch.

None of this makes sense unless you accept the premise that this movement is not grassroots and is being driven by a lot of leftists in the media and in our government.



  1. Scrolling down the twitter feed shows this kid Hogg has been in the limelight for years And in many different locations, LA, North Charlotte.

    The two who are getting the most airtime sure have happy smiles in many of the pictures. If a person is a direct witness would they look joyous, or was he even there, a Senior in a Freshman building. So, as said, why aren’t They home “grieving”.

    When there is CNN And MSNBC pushing a story there is a definite need to look further. I have yet to hear a single news outlet check into Broward school district’s policy that May have led to this.

  2. There’s an interview with Connor Dietrich and he says something rather troubling. He talks about the drill and there were suppose to be police officers who would be firing blanks and scare people? in order to train for this. So, it wasn’t taken serious, because of that training, Until such time there were people screaming.

    This should be further investigated. Why would students need to be trained in a shooting scenario. And was that drill suppose to be at the same time.

  3. So this Hogg kid goes on CNN to complain about Trump being in charge of the FBI and when asked about Trump wanting a listening session with students, including him, he decides to go to a “listening session” with Jake Tapper. I wasn’t aware Jake Tapper was in charge of the FBI and who creates legislation for this complex issue. I’m sure Jake Tapper will have this problem Solved within a week. This kid spends way too much time hogging the camera.

  4. How Utterly STUPID this Camerota is, questioning the NRA giving Millions of dollars to politicians who need the money when IN FACT it is the “constituents that MAKE UP the NRA. Where in hell does she think the NRA gets the money to GIVE to politicians. Is she So STUPID to NOT understand Every Lobbying Group has its own constituents.

  5. Evidently, for these two kids, who don’t have jobs as they said, will go back to school UNLESS they have more interviews. I had Jobs when still in grade school and also into high school.

    He’s been doing so many interviews that has taken time away from sleeping YET he cannot spend ANY time for his OWN classmates. The more I see of this kid reminds me of what “kids” USED to say about people like him, a s*t head.

  6. Broward County schools intentionally created polices from 2010 through 2016,The policies were called “diversionary programs” and were essentially about stopping High School students from being arrested. Law enforcement was instructed to avoid arrests and defer criminal conduct to school administrators.Students who engaged in violence, drug sales, robberies, burglaries, theft and other various crimes were intentionally kept out of the criminal justice system,………Maybe CNN should do a town hall with these kids on that subject !!!!

  7. There is a NEW case of a school shooting, this in Ohio. Only the difference is, This kid shot himself while in school. Instead of “listening” to these students complaining about guns and legislation, When in hell are we going to being asking, “What the hell is wrong with our kids”. I think it’s much more than mental health alone. It has to be asked what has happened that “contributed” to this mental issue. Well, look around. There is “hate” that is propagated throughout society in media in all its forms. It is “fueled” by news media, politicians, celebrities and who knows else. It Is a Fuel. It is no different than throwing the proverbial gasoline on a fire. When a person “absorbs” hate in their psyche how can anything but hate be the output.

  8. Gov. Scott is having a discussion on the matter and so many are having ideas that widely expand every level of involvement. Little is being said of the numerous calls to the responsible parties who were charged with current enforcement.

    It just occurred to me about how times are So different today than it was, say, in the 50’s. Those who are old enough, do you remember the many short films that dealt with character, manners, relationships, and even grooming. These films were “part” of the school curriculum. I remember years ago how these methods of instruction were made fun of and vilified. The idea of character development was “shared” by the community, and each person actually welcomed the attention to that by others. There can be NO denying the character of a great many are lacking in the public arena today. Therefore, the lack of this primary education into childhood development quite likely resulted in what we are facing in these times. I submit, these past few generations are “understood”, to be more mature and thus a belief such character education is unnecessary, when in fact, it is even more necessary.

  9. Some really brilliant opinions in that Governor’s meeting. As one man says, “Do Something Even If Its Wrong”. What a Stupid Idiotic remark! Yeah, doing something wrong will really help.

  10. This roundtable discussion shows explicitly why so many fail in the results. You have each with their own little fiefdom and receive their part in the outcome and so dilutes its effectiveness, But, it does satisfy the little lords.

  11. What heck????…………..Student reporter interviews classmates hiding from gunman in Florida high school
    Feb 15, 2018
    David Hogg, a senior and student reporter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, recorded interviews with some of his classmates on February 14 as they were hiding from an active shooter in the school. Hogg told the Sun Sentinel, a newspaper he told Storyful he volunteers with, that he heard gunshots during a science class, followed by a fire alarm going off. After initially trying to run away, Hogg was gathered with other students in a classroom by a culinary instructor. While there, he interviewed fellow students about what was happening, and about their views on gun control.At least 17 people were killed in the attack. The suspect, a former student, was detained by police.

    — David Miles Hogg/WMSD-TV via Storyful

    Read more here:

    • I know. Who does a thing like that? Where is the article based on that or the recordings? I find it hard to believe a thing this kid says.

  12. Sara, did you view the video at the link? I really question whether that was done at the school, sounds like it was done in a back room of a resturant, people talking, the girl David Mudd interviewed spoke totally about gun control, how she one day wanted a gun of her own, but after the shooting she wants nothing to do with guns and that something has to be done now.

    • I agree. I went to listen again and saw that video was taken down. I then checked youtube, twitter, Facebook and it has been taken down everywhere. I found one remaining which I just put on my site. I downloaded it and saved it to my computer in case that one disappears.

      There is a lot of money behind this movement and the Retired FBI agent’s son is the star.

  13. CNN has banned live-streaming at their Town Hall event. Evidently, “they can’t handle the truth”. I’ll bet they want NO unscripted moments to come out.

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