Cocaine Baggie Gate Goes Down As A Great Unsolved Mystery


Cocaine baggie gate will forever remain an unsolved mystery. Even the elite Secret Service investigators couldn’t find this elusive master criminal. To their credit, Biden law enforcement can find elusive Grandmas who went to the January 6 protest.

On Monday, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters they believe the Secret Service did a thorough investigation.

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: “We believe that Secret Service did a thorough investigation…. There are hundreds of visitors that travel through this area where the cocaine was found.”

REPORTER: “Is the president satisfied with the explanation that someone was able to bring an illegal substance into the White House? Because there are hundreds of people who come here?!”

KJP: “The Secret Service did a thorough investigation. That’s what we believe.”


Karine shrugged it off. “I can’t really speak to the investigation that was done by the Secret Service.… They just were not able to come up with any forensic evidence that proves it.”

The investigation into the origin of the cocaine found in the White House was “the best” the Secret Service could do. This is despite not identifying a suspect, a top Biden administration official says.

John Kirby is the coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council. He told Fox News host Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday” that at the end of the probe, there wasn’t enough “forensic evidence” to pinpoint the perpetrator.


Hunter Biden visited the White House on Friday, and the white powdery substance was found on Sunday in the not heavily-traveled Executive wing.

We’re not saying they are Hunter’s drugs.

Former President Trump suggested the end of the cocaine baggie gate proves there is a “two Tier Level of Justice,” pointing out the political witch hunt the FBI has on him. “Despite all of the cameras pointing directly at the ‘scene of the crime,’ and the greatest forensics anywhere in the World, they just can’t figure it out? They know the answer, and so does everyone else!” Trump posted on Truth Social.

So, days later, the DOJ’s special counsel, rabid leftist Jack Smith, threw more criminal charges at Donald Trump, 71 and counting.

Nothing to see here; move on. All’s well in Biden’s crazy land.

It couldn’t have been the crackhead!


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