Col. MacGregor: Zelensky’s No Hero, He’s a Puppet


According to Colonel MacGregor, Zelensky should have remained more neutral, instead of trying to be a hero. He put the people at “unnecessary risk”.

Colonel MacGregor keeps defying the narrative and saying what he thinks regardless of the consequences. As a result, the Left and some on the right are trying to paint him as a Putin puppet.

Speaking of puppets, that’s what he thinks Zelensky is.

As for Joe Biden, the Colonel said he is taking a “regional conflict” and eagerly turning into a worldwide calamity. He’s doing that for a reason, and Zelensky is going along with it for a reason.

He told Varney there was surprisingly little damage in Ukraine.

“Surprisingly little damage, frankly. Much less damage than we inflicted on Iraq when we went into it in ’91 and again in 2003,” Macgregor said of Russia’s shelling of Ukrainian cities. “Mr. Zelensky, I think, is postponing the inevitable in the hopes that we are going to rescue him, and we are not coming. President Biden has made that very clear.”

“Zelensky is a puppet, and he is putting huge numbers of his own population at unnecessary risk,” Macgregor said. “Quite frankly, most of what comes out of Ukraine is debunked as lies within 24-48 hours. The notions of taking and retaking airfields, all of this is nonsense. It hasn’t happened.”


“He’s not a hero? Standing up for himself and his own people, you don’t think he’s a hero?” Stuart Varney asked, seemingly surprised.

“No, I do not,” Macgregor chuckled. “I don’t see anything heroic about the man. And I think the most heroic thing he can do right now is to come to terms with reality. Neutralize Ukraine. This is not a bad thing. A neutral Ukraine would be good for us as well as for Russia. It would create the buffer that, frankly, both sides want. But he’s, I think, being told to hang on and try to drag this out, which is tragic for the people that have to live through this.”

“I am inclined to disagree with you, Colonel, but, you know, we’ll see how this works out,” Varney concluded.



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1 year ago

I’m not the least impressed with the hosts but MacGregor did give an excellent analysis. He’s on for about an hour and I wouldn’t bother with the rest.

MacGregor goes into considerable more detail here:

Marionettes Oh My
Marionettes Oh My
1 year ago

Maybe Z-Boy could do a little dance for the congress comrades.
Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight! (Sorry KC)
Maybe all of those blue and yellow loves me some Ukraine comrades will learn some new terms…Selective Service!
Bwahahah! Reality intrudes on hashtag poop emoji world for the big WIN.