New Drilling Permits Down 85% in Recent Months


Despite an oil crisis caused by Joe Biden and his comrades, new drilling permits plummeted 85%. The Left plans to destroy the fossil fuel industry during Biden’s term.

All the pressure on Biden has meant nothing. The opposite is true. The Biden administration has considerably slowed its approval of new oil and natural gas drilling leases on public lands.

Biden has attempted to convince the Saudis and the UAE to pump more oil and they won’t even take his calls. Venezuela and Iran will only do it for a high price.

The reasonable and logical thing to do would be to pump more oil.

In recent months, the number of approvals went from as many as 643 in April 2021 to as few as 95 in January of this year, according to Bureau of Land Management permit statistics reviewed by E&E News, The Washington Times reports.

At a presser last week, Psaki claimed the administration isn’t holding back drilling permits. Any “suggestion” that they aren’t is “inaccurate.”

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1 year ago

With Gasoline headed for $10 a gallon and Democrats doing nothing, I guess their plan is to just steal another Election. They will say everyone has to vote by Internet since only the rich people can afford gasoline to drive to the polls.

1 year ago

Should be alotof rigs available cheap for those who can drill.

Abomination of Desolation
Abomination of Desolation
1 year ago

Drilling is a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy.
Unicorn flatulence, rainbow poop emojis and hashtags will power the economy for another 1000 years while the winningest WOKE winnarz evarz make the world safe for rump mania.