Colin Powell, Dead at 84, RIP


Colin Powell has died at age 84.

Colin Powell, who as a retired four-star general and former White House national security adviser went on to serve as the first Black secretary of state, has died at 84.

His family cited Covid-19 complications in a statement on Facebook. He was vaccinated but had multiple myeloma.

Mr. Powell’s views on military conflict shaped a national security outlook that advocated against precipitous war and was popularized in the media as the “Powell Doctrine.” It was born of his experience in Vietnam and held that war should be a last resort, with clear objectives, strong public support, and decisive action.

He was an outstanding general but backed Bush going into Iraq. However, he only did what everyone else did, including Hillary, so don’t hold that against him.

Presidents, from Ronald Reagan on, wanted him to run for President but he never did.

As a politician, he added to the divisions of the time. He became a supporter of Barack Obama and a harsh critic of Republicans, especially Donald Trump.

Never a sports enthusiast as a youngster, Mr. Powell enrolled in ROTC while in college, inspired by the stories he had heard of World War II and the Korean War.

When he first joined the Army, the country was still segregated and even as an Army officer, there were restaurants he couldn’t go into and motels he couldn’t stay at simply because he was Black. The Army had integrated, so soldiers couldn’t overtly show their racism.

Mr. Powell met his wife, Alma, on a blind date as a young lieutenant in 1961, and they married nine months later, before his first deployment to Vietnam. Mr. Powell is survived by his wife and three children, Michael, Linda, and Anne Marie.

Rest in Peace.

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