This Is What Happened by 11-3-20 in the Most Secure Election Ever


The following clip is a great summary of what went wrong with the presidential election of November 3, 2020, and, yes, it was corrupt as hell.

Do you remember the Time Magazine article by Molly Ball in early February? The article was a proud summary of much of the corrupt, unethical activities that influenced the election towards Joe Biden. Mark Levin went through that and much more on his show last night.

If you didn’t watch, do watch this clip, make notes, and please tell your state representatives that you want these actions made illegal. Republicans can’t win under these conditions. While this is going on, Democrats want to make it even worse with The John Lewis Act and HR1/S1.

Our election is under attack, and anyone who is on Facebook and cares about this might want to get off FB now. There are other forums — CloutHub, Gab, Parler, Gettr, MeWe, Telegram, and others.


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2 years ago

Democrats have been stealing Elections for a long time. There was the 1960’s election steal for JFK by LBJ operatives. Back in the 1990’s, Bill Clinton found Ross Perot. Perot was a Conservative who disliked the Bush Family. Some say this went all the way back to The Perot Iran rescue operation. The shuttlebutt back then was Bush wouldn’t help Perot with Intelligence contacts on Iran for his employee rescue mission. Then when Reagan was president there was disagreement over people left behind in Vietnam. Perot serve in the Navy as an Officer and strongly believe in no man left behind. Clinton players behind the scenes backed Perot knowing he would split the Republican vote.

Then there was the “Issues” in Florida back in 2000. Gore folded when Democrats realized that an audit of the election would expose the Election Fraud in South East Florida.

There are questions about the 2008 Election, but digging into Election Fraud committed by a Black President wasn’t doing happen. That would be racist.

In the 2016 election there was Fraud. The problem was that President Trump was so popular, Democrats didn’t stuff enough ballot boxes.

We are are finally pulling back the curtain on the 2020 Election and seeing that the Fraud was rampant. If there were international election observers, they would have declared America a Banana Republic.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Most will not have to worry anymore…The Republic has been sold and under cover of the Covid Psych Ops, openly ‘executed’ by the treacherous MSM, the Great Reset will be accomplished- worldwide – ( Trump was right about one thing…they were not after him…they WERE after us…those in other countries that supported Trump had that ‘ken’)