Colorado to Give Federal, State, Local Benefits to People Here Illegally


Colorado will give federal, state, and local government benefits, professional licenses, or business permits to illegal aliens, Axios Denver reported.

These people don’t belong here and don’t pay taxes, but they will get all the benefits and more. We will pay for our own demise while suffering ourselves financially.

A legislative analysis said expanding eligibility to immigrants will cost taxpayers $12 million annually, Axios Denver said.

It will be more than that. It’s always more than that.

The 2021 law Gov. Jared Polis, D-CO, signed last year, makes available state benefits, including dental care, mental health counseling, and family services. It also expands eligibility for property tax, rent, and utility subsidies.

The city of Denver said it no longer would verify legal residency when issuing business licenses and added it was accepting more forms of identification.

High school students without legal residency to get in-state college tuition.

In 2021, the state allowed federal stimulus dollars to go to those without lawful U.S. residency.

In 2019, the state expanded a program to provide driver’s licenses to immigrants without legal permission.

It’s all part of the movement to destroy citizenship, sovereignty, and the Republican Party. Democrats are a threat to democracy.

They’re making the US flag meaningless.

The Left will keep lying to get their agenda through:

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