Colorado U: reject ‘individualism’ and ‘perfectionism’ as ‘white supremacy’


Faculty and graduate students at Colorado University, Boulder, were told to reject “neoliberal” concepts of time, as well as to avoid “cultural norms of white supremacy” like “sense of urgency” and “individualism” in their classrooms.

How could anyone hear this and not see this as a deliberate effort to destroy the youth? It’s blatant racism and anti-Americanism.

The university’s Equitable Teaching Conference, hosted by the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, and led by Professor Becca Ciancanelli, convened instructors and graduate students for virtual sessions on how to use “equity-minded practices” in the classroom.

Attendance was voluntary. It wasn’t the only such communist conference. The clowns who run these things are making a fortune. This isn’t a one-time thing. The Center for Teaching & Learning has named Becca Ciancanelli to design and lead programming to support Boulder educators in creating inclusive spaces for an increasingly diverse student body. 

The recent session presented slides titled “Anti-racist pedagogy and decolonizing the classroom,” taught by Dr. Becca Ciancanelli. The slides list “perfectionism,” “sense of urgency,” “quantity over quality,” and “individualism” as “Cultural norms of White Supremacy.”

Another slide tells instructors they should be “Decolonizing the classroom” and not require that homework be turned in on time.

Teachers should “resist colonial and neoliberal coercion around time and productivity” by being flexible on deadlines, allowing students to choose their own deadlines, and not penalizing late work, the report explains.

Yet another slide tells teachers to “critique the (white western masculine) disembodied rationality focus of the educational system.”

This is pure Marxism — communism.

You can view the slides at Campus Reform.

Political predators are in PK-12 also:


Here is an SJW cheat sheet not associated with the Boulder presentation. As you can see, it’s anti-America, anti-white, anti-European, and insane.

This is how they get predators teaching CRT and it’s out of our control. This teacher claims she’s not indoctrinating, she’s just giving them the “groundwork” for “justice”:

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9 months ago

Communist Democrat Liberal Losers reject ‘individualism’ and ‘perfectionism’ because it’s something they are not capable of. Liberals need group think. They can’t stand up and be counted as an individual. Most work I’ve seen done by a Liberal is just trash. It’s an oxymoron, but I would not want to be in a car built by a bunch of Liberal Engineers. Liberals embrace Communist because in a complex Capitalist system they are being left behind. Education can’t fix stupid!

9 months ago

To put it into English: These Elite consider Blacks “genetically inferior”. In the early 80’s I had a co-worker in Shreveport who “believed” that statement and stated it. It was when I brought up Marva Collins that he reconsidered that premise. On the surface, as these people seem to concur, it could seem apparent, but it’s not inferiority that is the issue, but the “systemic racism” in the schools by promoting students who aren’t being “schooled” properly.

For decades society has praised teachers and the profession as being paragons in society. Only recently have we found out differently. Too few know and understand the Teacher’s Unions were infiltrated by the Communist Party. The result was “ideology” became paramount, over educational principles. Teachers were promoting Communist ideology in schools, even in small towns, in the 60’s. So, obviously excellence is an evil “white privilege” narrative. Marva Collins knew better, and proved it.