Schumer: ‘full speed ahead’ with $3.5T bill, Bernie: it’s a ‘compromise’


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer rejected Senator Joe Manchin’s idea of a ‘strategic pause’ on the $3.5 trillion mega-communist/socialist ‘human infrastructure’ bill, which is actually over $5 T. “Full speed ahead,” he says.

“We’re moving full speed ahead,” Schumer told reporters on Wednesday morning. “We want to keep going forward. We think getting this done is so important for the American people.”

Manchin has said he will not approve anything over $1.5 trillion.

Democrats don’t seem worried. Did they get a traitorous Republican to go along or are they counting on Manchin backing down? They can always eliminate the filibuster and pass every communist bill they want.

Communist sympathizer Bernie Sanders: “That $3.5 trillion is already the result of a major, major compromise.”

Sanders sought as much as $6 trillion in spending and indicated on Wednesday he would not climb down any further: “That $3.5 trillion is already the result of a major, major compromise.”

Politico reports:

Schumer enjoys a close relationship with Manchin, and Democrats are not yet alarmed about their internal whip count after Schumer pushed through a $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid law as well as a $550 billion infrastructure bill with lockstep Democratic support. Describing Schumer’s approach, Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) said “he lets that messy process move forward with a real deadline, and he gets us to the end and he gets those votes from all of us.”

“We’re going to all come together to get something big done,” Schumer said Wednesday. “It’s our intention to have every part of the Biden plan in a big and robust way.”

Perhaps Schumer believes or knows that Joe Manchin is just engaging in another performance for his voters and will come along.

In addition to amnesty, here is some of what is in the bill and the taxes are terrifying:

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