Communist China-tied LeBron suggests voting is systemically racist [in blue city Atlanta]


LeBron James, who is financially tied to China and has supported China over Americans, said voting is structurally racist. He claims voting in black areas requires long waits while white suburban areas don’t. We don’t believe him since it’s long been a Democrat city.

Atlanta is a Democrat city, run by Democrats. If they can’t make voting reasonable, it’s on them. Atlanta has been a Democrat city since 1879.

I did hear their new voting system was screwed up — nothing to do with racism.

The cities that have seen protests and riots over the treatment of black citizens have all been run exclusively by Democrats for generations…sometimes for more than a century!

The following is a list of the American cities in which the protests have been the most widespread followed by the year in which those cities last had a Republican mayor.

Memphis, Tennessee (Never)

New Orleans, Louisiana (1872)

Atlanta, Georgia (1879)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1908)

Washington, DC (1910)

Boston, Massachusetts (1930)

Chicago, Illinois (1931)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1934)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1952)

Newark, New Jersey (1953)

Detroit, Michigan (1962)

Denver, Colorado (1963)

San Francisco, California (1964)

Baltimore, Maryland (1967)

Seattle, Washington (1969)

Cincinnati, Ohio (1971)

Hartford, Connecticut (1971)

Minneapolis, Minnesota (1973)

Cleveland, Ohio (1989)

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