Communists tear up Portland and Seattle on New Year’s Eve


Portland communists rampaging through the city on New Year’s Eve, outnumbered the police who were unable to react as strongly as needed to discourage the insurgents.

Don’t simply call them Antifa and Black Lives Matter, call them what they are. They are communists, fascists, Democrats, and anarchists attempting to overturn our government. It is no different than pre-war Germany. The people who tear down our way of life, our statues, our history, who burn our buildings, will one day burn us.

The Mayor finally spoke against it, but he’s not terribly sincere or effective.

Lunatics terrorized parts of Seattle:

Insanity in Portland:

Now that Joe Biden, a socialist Democrat, is coming into office, Mayor Ted Wheeler wants to calm the beast. Lots of luck, Ted. If you don’t do their bidding, the terror will worsen.

The communists are taking a page from the Nazis, Mao, Maduro, and other dictators. They are going to woo suckers with good acts only intended to turn us into them — communists.

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