Congressmen Blow the Whistle — Establishment Is Running Ads Against Reps Opposed to OCare Jr.


Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and others in the conservative House caucus are blowing the whistle on the swamp creatures. The Ryan establishment is taking out ads against Republicans who aren’t planning to vote for the Obamacare Jr. healthcare plan.

Imagine how bad this plan must be if they have to run ads?

President Trump has said he would campaign against dissenters and push for people to primary them. We will have to see if that happens. Honestly, if conservatives do vote for the new healthcare plan, they’ll probably lose their jobs anyway.

This is the ad against Congressman Labrador. Republicans taking out ads against other Republicans is rather repulsive but not unexpected. When people talk about draining the swamp, this is what they mean.

Jim Jordan discussed it with Lou Dobbs.

OCare Jr. doesn’t take the federal government out of healthcare and return it to the states. That was the whole point for conservatives.

Do Americans really think the elite in D.C., right or left, are better caretakers of our health than we are?

The new bill keeps the basic premise that DC must rule our healthcare and do it with rules, regulations, taxes, and lots of freebies for freeloaders.

It allows for freeloaders to live off the earnings of others if they don’t want to pay for their own care.

The planners of this thing think they are conservatives. They’ve been in the swamp too long.

Recently, while the bill was under lock and key, Rand Paul rattled off all the problems with the new healthcare bill. The establishment politicians claimed he was just seeking attention. As it turns out, everything he said was in the bill is in the bill.

This bill is not the Tom Price bill that was previously voted for by the House Republicans because this new bill keeps healthcare federalized.

The abominable creature the GOP promised to repeal and, unfortunately, replace, is alive and well. It needs to be repealed. If no one can agree to a replacement – after it is repeated – fine – let the states develop plans.

Read about Obamacare Jr. on this link.

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