Conservative Activists Detained in UK for Political Views


“Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ~ George Orwell

Brittany Pettibone, an American journalist, and Martin Sellner, an Identitarian, have been held in a detention centre in London for 2 days. They are being deported. Their “crime” was a plan to meet Tommy Robinson, who they call an extremist, and a plan to give a speech.

They are being held for their right-wing politics in separate cells and weren’t allowed to talk. The Brits claim Sellner is a member of a known extremist group.

A bit of caution here. I don’t know if they are too far right and are extremists but they just want to give a speech.

Antifa, the Anarcho-Communists threatened violence if they spoke. Authorities were concerned about violence.

Under the UK Prevention of Terrorism Act, individuals can be detained for up to 7 days without charge. That’s possibly the law they are holding them under.

The U.K. has allowed returning jihadists to come into the U.K., but right-wingers who simply want to speak are banned?

Sellner wanted to give a speech at Speaker’s Corner in London. It is supposed to be an open space where anyone can speak. But in the UK, if you criticize Islam, you are at risk of being put in jail. ‘Thoughtcrimes’ are punishable and considered hate speech. It’s all very confusing because they allow the head of the Labour Party, Communist Jeremy Corbin, to rail away about taking down the government.

This is what British democracy looks like?

Brittany Pettibone:


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