Contact List of Vulnerable Democrats – Updated

Folks can click to call or tweet from their phones. Please feel free to republish, post, whatever. Need a surge!
Since they’re vulnerable Democrats, click here to contact their offices: Bad Blue

Editor’s Addition Update



  1. I know the people listed are small minded people but could you please print these their names and Tel. #’s larger so us older folks don’t need a magnifying glass plus our bifocals to read them? I’ll do my part if you do yours.
    Thanks, Gramma

    • Gramma, Hit the “Bad Blue” link in blue letters in the third line of the article. The list will pop up with bigger letters. Gramma power!!

    • Really? I’ll let Doug know. I have Malwarebytes too but it didn’t give me that warning. I added Don Jr’s links, they’re not as comprehensive, but good. Thank you for letting me know. I might have to alter that later.

  2. None of these fools is really “vulnerable” because no matter how abysmally terrible they do…Democrat voters will just keep reelecting them forever. That’s how Detroit, ferguson, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, NYC, and every city in California all stay so unlivable.

  3. once a dem/communist gets in its almost impossible to get them out what with all the dead people voting and such not to mention the ill legals voting.

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