COP28: UN Plans to Drastically Curb Meat & Dairy Consumption


World leaders from developed nations will be told to “curb their excessive appetite for meat” [and dairy] during the United Nations’ upcoming COP28 annual climate conference, Bloomberg News reported Saturday. They are going for a 90% cut in meat and complete control of food, travel, and energy for the world.

“Nations that over-consume meat will be advised to limit their intake while developing countries — where under-consumption of meat adds to a prevalent nutrition challenge — will need to improve their livestock farming,” wrote Bloomberg Journalist Agnieszka de Sousa.

The UN’s anti-meat agenda is part of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) COP28 “roadmap” for limiting the rise in global temperatures by 1.5C, per the Paris climate agreement.

The FAO insists the meat industry is responsible for destroying the planet via methane and nitrogen emissions. However, contrary to the UN’s suggestion, the science is not “settled” on livestock emissions. For example, a group of UC Riverside researchers discovered this year that methane traps heat in Earth’s atmosphere and creates cooling clouds that offset 30 percent of the Earth’s surface warming. In other words, livestock farming is likely cooling the planet, counteracting global warming.

The UN, otherwise known as the Dictator’s Club, plans to become the global leader. They are in league with The World Health Organization, the World Bank, The World Economic Forum, the IMF, and all the myriad global organizations.

They have decided you will not eat meat.

COP28 made headlines last month when it announced it would serve mostly plant-based food as if they won’t have their steaks and fly their jets when we’re not paying attention.  In addition to mostly vegan catering, the conference will see food policy announcements and a Food4Climate Pavilion.

Who is the UN to make these decisions?

They’ve decided the link between meat and climate is obvious, and all they need to do it is say it.

Despite the unsettled science, FAO plans to create “transformative change” in the food industry.

The transformative changes are to kill cows and limit meat consumption worldwide.

Farm in the fall, when the harvest is ripe and every farmer scampers to get all the yields from their crops before winter, it is the backbone of America.

Environmentalism can also be class envy.

The globalists are now after the food choices of the top 10%.  A new study claims that the wealthiest people are ruining the planet.

According to the study, the world’s richest 1% created more carbon emissions than 66% of the rest of the world’s population in 2019, a new analysis from Oxfam finds. The report, which analyzes the lifestyles and emissions of the wealthiest people on Earth— a cohort of about 77 million people making over US$140,000 a year—finds that emissions from this group will have major impacts on the rest of the world’s population, as their pollution was 16% of all CO2 emissions in 2019, a quantity sufficient to raise the temperatures enough to spur over a million deaths from excess heat.

The study claims that during this decade, emissions from the world’s wealthiest 1% alone will cause at least 1.3 million more additional deaths due to heat stress, while activities from these wealthy people in 2019 were enough to cancel out the benefits of 1 million wind turbines.

Globalists want to destroy farming worldwide. They want to electrify all vehicles and heating, but there is nothing green about EVs or electrification.

Globalists are destroying the world. They create problems and then come up with solutions for the peons and the wealthy as well.  They’re going scorched earth on the world’s culture and economy.

The mindlessness of the totalitarians and their useful idiots is stupifying.

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2 months ago

Don’t worry we wont be part of the UN. Dont need them, never did.

We will keep our meat and milk all to our selves, if thats what they want.

The UN nations will starve their citizens to death, is what will end happening.