Crazy Beto’s back! Demands opening borders during a pandemic or you’re a racist!


Joy Reid called all Trump supporters “cult-like” and money lovers. She’s obsessed with racism and accused them of that as well. Robert Francis O’Rourke called our president “crazy” for telling people to show up in “battle gear” and with “weapons of war” to benefit off the backs of low-income black and brown people.

None of that is true. It is extreme, crazy, and wholly dishonest.

Unsurprisingly, the despotic Beto commends the most oppressive regulations. He also supports mail-in balloting which is rife with fraud. It eliminates all voter ID.



Beto [the fake Hispanic] O’Rourke claims falsely that a 60-day halt to immigration — which 80% of Americans agree with — is a white nationalist thing.

Everything he disagrees with is “morally repugnant.” He claims we have “death camps” in Mexico because we didn’t open the borders to the fake asylum seekers.

If you disagree with him, you’re a white nationalist.

The killer he’s talking about in the next clip — towards the end — had mostly far-left views. His insane immigration views have nothing to do with conservatives.

The Washington Post article he refers to is audio in which Stephen Miller talks about the expanded limits to immigration he is looking at. There was nothing new. He wants to stop chain migration, which keeps Americans from choosing new immigrants. The new immigrants, and illegal aliens, get to pick the future immigrants.




  1. Beto does not remember his history! Ellis Island screened all immigrants entering the USA. If you were diseased, you were sent back. Why should it be different now?

  2. Don’t give up Beato because Texas is almost fundamentally transformed and the clueless gibsmedat voters will fall for that lame poseur wannabe white Hispanic schtick!
    Yes you can! Until then reunite your hip alt band Beto and the Gits and release the epic they ate all our vegetables on limited edition vinyl.

  3. Forget Joy Reid, who is a warmonger, an idiot and a disgrace to all people. Also forget this play boy BETO, both of them are suffering mental health issues and the more we talk about them the more they self gratify themselves. Ban these traitors.

    • The problem is the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media, which apparently for some unknown reason ( could it be a mentally afflicted audience, devoid of cognitive abilities and common sense???) appeal to some 50% of the population. Thus the likes of Beto can flourish amongst the gullible brain washed denizens of the soon to be dismantled Republic – if they have their way…

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