Quoting the gospel, Pelosi says we must free federal prisoners


St. Nancy, the holier-than-thou Speaker of the House, quoted the bible on the Joy Reid show. She said her coalition is very devoted to the gospel of St. Matthew. Because of that, she is ready to free Federal prisoners.

The quote she uses to guide her is, “When I was hungry, you fed me, when I was homeless, you sheltered me, when I was imprisoned, you visited me.”

“Hungry, visit, shelter,” does not mean free the prisoners.

This is what Democrats want. This is who they are now. We see them releasing prisoners wholesale, some very dangerous ones in New York and California in particular.

She keeps railing about testing, tracing, isolation, but when will enough of that be enough? The economy is in free-fall and there is no statistical difference in terms of deaths from the virus in areas that hundered down under draconian rules and those that used some social distancing.

It reminds us of the time she stuck up for her angels, the MS-13. Every animal in MS-13 has a “spark of divinity.”

We understand some prisoners can be freed but in New York, we have seen killers and child molesters released.

Dem power is very important to Dems.

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