Crazy Jane Sanders Holds Up Iranian Elections as a Model for Us to Follow


Jane O’Meara Sanders is holding up the Iranian elections as a model for elections in the world. “Iranians show the world how it’s done”, she tweeted four days ago.

For those who don’t know, President Rouhani, the so-called moderate and figurehead, was selected to be the President by the Mullahs and Ayatollah. The election involves one choice and the rest is window dressing.

She is as crazy as her crazy husband.

The Iranian regime has been accused of rigging elections, most famously in 2009, when then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won reelection under suspect circumstances. The election results sparked massive protests and demonstrations throughout Iran that the regime violently suppressed.

The process via Free Beacon:

The Guardian Council, the powerful body that vets candidates for Iranian elections, controls who can run for president. This year over 1,600 hopefuls registered to run, but the council narrowed the field down to six finalists who were only allowed to campaign for about a month. The country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, directly or indirectly appoints all 12 members of the Guardian Council, giving him significant influence over who is allowed to campaign. The supreme leader appoints six clerics to the body, and the Iranian Parliament elects the other six from a pool of jurists nominated by the chief of the judiciary, who is appointed by the supreme leader.

No woman has ever been allowed to run for Iran’s presidency.

Even funnier is Bernie Sander’s concern about Trump’s collusion with Russia. This is the man who colluded with Sandanistas and Castros in Cuba.

Neither Bernie nor his wife have said a word about the Manchester terror attacks by the way.

Watch Bernie promoting Castro healthcare. He colluded with communists in Cuba and Nicaragua.

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