Crisis, Treason and Agents Willing to Testify Against the Deep State


Former Attorney General Eric Holder issued a veiled threat to the few honest and courageous people in government who are exposing the Deep State criminals, especially those of the prior regime. Holder warned that Rod [Rosenstein] will refuse to go further and we are heading for some kind of crisis.

Apparently the DoJ and FBI run the country. It’s all about protecting Obama.

Anyone see Jeff Sessions lately? And why are Marco Rubio and Trey Gowdy standing up for the Deep State? They want to be sure their careers continue?

Holder made his comments as if he were a casual observer but we know he is fully entrenched with these evil embeds entrenched in the DoJ.


We now find out that Obama told heads of State, including Justin Trudeau to resist Trump so they could maintain their [leftist] values.

Currently, we have 28 agents and people with knowledge of the Clinton probe who want whistleblower protections so they can testify against  the Deep State operatives.



  1. Let’s get this show on the road and give these people the protection that they warrant. What in the hell is wrong with these people. Everything seems to take so long with these politicians except when it comes to their recesses, they can’t get out of town fast enough.

    • It’s impossible that republican leaders in Congress will allow this to proceed. They are part of the coverup. Now that an information blackout is underway, there must be fighting going on, since Nunes is quiet.

  2. When spygate came out, something changed. There seems to be no progress at all in information release. Rosenstein has stopped all cooperation. Gowdy/Rubio were immediately deployed to support the deep state. Trump must prove that he is a leader by defeating Rosenstein. He must issue an order for release, then fire RR when he does not comply. The House must insist on contempt/impeachment actions in parallel.

    The showdown also involves Ryan using the House to set up a democratic majority. That eliminates Nunes.

  3. No doubt there are those among Republicans who are nearly as terrified as Democrats.

    They may or may not be involved with the Deep State but THIS we KNOW…

    When it becomes apparent, exposed, ALL the treason which has transpired over the past 8, 9 years, AND REPUBLICANS WERE TOO COWARDLY TO STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, they will be held accountable.

    Not about what they did but what they DID NOT do.

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