Cubans demonstrate in Louisville against BLM’s insane ‘demands or else’


The Epoch Times reports Cubans and other community members in Louisville gathered on Sunday to condemn Black Lives Matter tactics as mafia-like. BLM pressures businesses to do exactly what they want. They are literally Marxist shakedown artists with a lot of power, mostly thanks to the media, but also the politicians.

One business that refused their demands was threatened and another vandalized so now the Cubans are protesting.

The activists “should be ashamed of themselves,” said one Cuban immigrant and business owner. People are calling him names when he too is black and his son is gay. Cubans are very supportive of the black community, but not this.


The mafia-like BLM demands are nuts, my words, not theirs. Business owners are ordered to increase the percentage of black people on their staff to 23% or more, purchase at least 23% of inventory from black retailers or donate 15% of their new sales to BLM and implement diversity training [which they of course provide].

Business owners should also acknowledge black people were harmed when they were displaced because of changes in parts of downtown decades ago.

[The sense of entitlement is mind-numbing]

If they don’t do it and do it by August 17th, activists [communist agitators] will post negative reviews and social media posts about them, according to WDRB which obtained a photo of the demands. They said the demonstrators welcome change.

Some business owners posted contracts that say businesses played a part in the gentrification that harmed black people wanting jobs.

The store of one business owner was vandalized because he refused to honor the insane demands.


We used to call ‘gentrification,’ progress, but now everything is about how it does or does not affect blacks. It’s unclear why blacks can’t better themselves with fellow black business owners when everyone else can.

One business owner thinks she is responsible for them. Another said they should have consulted with business owners before they made demands since she is inclusive and others are as well.

One of the placards held up during Sunday’s gathering read, “We left Cuba because of socialism. Be careful what you wish for.”

What Democrats are pushing for is hardly socialism. Their socialism is a euphemism for communism. There is very little daylight between Joe Biden’s platform and that of Bernie Sanders’.

The head of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party even came out for the Cubans, saying BLM’s tactics are “unethical.”

At least one Cuban called it “mafia tactics.”

Mafia, Marxist, no difference in the end. Read the entire story at The Epoch Times.



  1. Blacks no longer want equal rights. Today they are demanding that they be above the law, receive a fat weekly check as reparations and total capitulation to their demands from whites.

    • I don’t agree with your statement. There are millions of Blacks who work hard, have strong religious faith, and believe in the remarkability of the USA. Sure, there are the Black and Marxist thugs who are constant warts on the backside of America, but don’t let these sorts of Blacks fool you into thinking that they speak for all Blacks or of America.

    • I agree with Rosewood. I grew up in a poor neighborhood. Blacks were nice and very religious. The crazies are a small number and it’s driven by the white guy — Soros.

  2. RICO Laws…Blackmail and Extortion. These laws are used very effectively to bring down individuals and organizations that otherwise prove to be hard to prosecute. These BLM thugs need the RICO laws applied to them. They are Federal offenses and carry nice stiff sentences.

    • We need a real, courageous, honest US attorney general before that can happen. Look at what has happened the past 4 years in the USA, and look what Barr has done in response – NOTHING.

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